Exeter Golf & Country Club
Men playing 1st Squash Team match

Professional Squash Event

The Exeter Golf and Country Club Men’s and Ladies’ Professional Squash Challenger $3k tournament takes place on 5-7th November and the draws are out!

See who is involved and the match days and times.

A massive thank you must go out to our event sponsors, whose brilliant support of these Professional Squash competitions makes it possible to run them and get such great players down to our area. Thanks to:

– Richard May (Maze Property Solutions)
– Robert Insall
– Keith White (Michael Spiers Jewellers)
– Jon Sharpe (String Doctor)
– David Robertson
– Martyn Newbery (Allparts South West)
– Nick Thompson (Melior Sports)
– Polly & John Woodhams
– Frances and Allan Wilson
– Jamie Milne (Milne Friend and Partners)
– Lucas Van Zijl (Bullboat.co.uk)
– Andy Foster
– Mark Starling
– Nick Rimmer (Tilney Financial Planning)
– Rob Brown (RKR Sports)

This event will be ticketed for each round at £5 per person per round. Those exempt are the tournament sponsors & also those taking part in the 6th Nov Group Coaching and the 7th Nov Graded. If anyone would like to reserve tickets for any of the rounds, please contact mike.harris@exetergcc.co.uk.

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PSA Tournament

A match report by Mike Harris, Head of Squash and Racketball for the Exeter Golf and Country Club Men’s and Ladies Professional Squash Challenger $3k