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Off The Wall Squash programmes launched for juniors

An innovative coaching programme is launching for junior squash players at Exeter Golf and Country Club. The ‘Off The Wall Squash’ Junior Progress Awards have been set up in partnership with England Squash to encourage new squash juniors and motivate existing players to develop.

The Junior Progress Awards are a fun and engaging way to encourage skill progression in younger players, helping them to learn and practice a range of activities whilst awarding them with coloured wristbands and certificates as they progress.

The new programme is transforming junior squash coaching to help measure the junior player’s development as they get more involved in the game, and provides them with achievable and fun targets to set their minds on how to progress. It covers all the key basic areas of the game, from simple hand eye co ordination and racket awareness, through to game play and full court rallying!

More info can be found at or through Head of Squash at Exeter Golf and Country Club, Mike Harris.

The Junior Progress Awards are aimed at children of all ages at beginner and intermediate levels, with 8 progress stages to work through.