Barre Fitness Classes

Barre Fitness is an adult ballet fitness class combining ballet training, yoga and pilates, starting in October with fitness instructor and ex-ballet dancer, Connie.

Tuesdays at 10.15am from 12th October.

For those who did Les Mills Barre before, this is a great alternative with the same wide-ranging benefits for both body and mind. Weekly Barre Fitness classes will improve your posture while increasing strength and fitness and muscle tone.

A full body workout, Ballet Fitness uses the full range of muscles – many of which are vastly underused by other forms of exercise – and has proven benefits for coordination and concentration…so good for body and mind.

Choreographed movement to motivating music, Barre Fitness is an energising full-body workout that leaves you feeling like you’re walking taller, moving more gracefully with greater flexibility and control.



1.  High reps of small range-of-motion, controlled movements targets specific muscle groups to shape and tone. Whilst Barre is tough on the muscles, it’s kind on joints, tendons and ligaments. Almost strength by stealth!

2. All movements strengthen the core and postural chain which helps prevent injury, improves your posture and will benefit day-to-day movements as well as other sports such as running, tennis and golf.

3. You will feel worked. Stretched, strengthened and lithe. You will work up a sweat without pushing it cardio-wise.

4. Isometric moves to exhaust your muscles and work them to failure.  Those tiny repetitive movements may look easy but when those muscles are quivering after 30 seconds of tiny pulses you know you are forcing them to tone, shape and lengthen.

5. Suitable for everyone – you do not have to have done any ballet before! Ballet Fitness offers modifications for every age and level, whether you’re a beginner or want a challenge.

6. Improve your range of motion and flexibility. Barre Fitness will increase flexibility and strength at the same time through intensely targeted, high rep exercises that isolate and strengthen your muscles.

7. It’s fun. OK, so we may not all ‘look’ like ballet dancers in Barre Fitness, but who cares! It’s a little escape from the norm, to enjoy the feeling of movement to music.

8. Burn calories, build lean muscle and raise your metabolic rate by targeting the largest muscle groups in the body, like the thighs and glutes. Your bum, your thighs, your arms, waistline and back will thank you for it.

9. Improve performance in other sports – Barre Fitness works muscle groups neglected in usual strength training. For instance it’s bare foot fitness which helps strengthen your feet and ankles which ultimately support everything you do – greater stability means reduced injury, quicker movements and reduced wear-and-tear elsewhere in the body. It will improve your knee alignment, open your hips, increase endurance and reduce muscle and joint fatigue! From skiing to running, tennis to golf, the impact of Barre Fitness on your body is noticable.



Barre Fitness instructor, Connie is an experienced fitness instructor who also takes Les Mills BodyPump and Les Mills BodyBalance classes at Exeter Golf and Country Club.

Connie started ballet at the age of 5.  She worked her way up through dance gradings through her childhood and teenage years, until taking her teaching exam in her early 20s. Connie has taught children ballet, tap, modern, jazz and street dancing.



Barre Fitness is free for full Fitness Members or £5 for other club members.

Book on the member app.

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