Running Training

With over 2 million runners in the UK, the sport is fast becoming the ‘go to’ way to keep active. It’s free, it’s convenient, it’s outdoors (or in!), it’s effective and you can progress at your own rate.

With healthy body-healthy mind at the heart of the club and a team of experienced personal trainers eager to get the best of (or beast) everyone they get their hands on, we thought 2019 should be the year we enter a team into Exeter’s biggest sporting event.

Exeter’s Great West Run is a milestone in the Devon running calendar and with around 4,000 runners taking part, it’s one of the biggest half marathons in the South West.

Nine, willing and enthusiastic (ish), members of staff have stepped up to our 2019 team challenge (with two more in the pipeline), plus four personal trainers – two of whom are experienced runners already, making a motley crew of fifteen.

‘Team ExeterGCC’ has everyone from running enthusiasts to the running averse and this summer we’ll track the progress of each of them; the highs and the lows, the training plans, tips and advice from the PTs and basically…the blood, sweat and tears as they sprint, plod, crawl or drag themselves to that golden 13th mile.

If you’re running a half marathon, a marathon or even a 10K; whether you’re a running addict, or have just taken it up, we hope you will find our summer of running training helpful, insightful or even just amusing!

If you would like advice or have a question, simply get in touch with our Fitness Team who will be able to help you get started, progress to achieve a goal or offer advice on improving your speed, stamina and stretching, so you run like a well-oiled machine!

 ‘Great West Run’ personal training offer – 6 sessions for the price of 5.