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Personal Training

Personal Training is the quickest way to achieve your goals as working out with one of our Personal Trainers by your side will push you further and keep you on track. Our REPs 3 qualified team of professionals will challenge you, congratulate you and motivate you to keep going.

Decide on your goal and we’ll help get you there fast with our personal training plans individually created for you. Whether you want to tone up, train for an event, lose weight, build muscle or improve your fitness after an injury or operation, our personal training team will make it effective, fun and safe.

Personal training is available to all members and to non-members. Sessions can take place in the gym or outside, for instance running or exercise programmes.


£28 fitness members
£30 club members



6 personal training sessions for the price of 5

Nick - Fitness Manager

Nick is a master in fitness program designs to suit every need, including GP Exercise Referrals. He is approachable and a great motivator with a gentle approach which is persuasive and effective.

Elliot - PT

Elliot uses a science based approach to his training methods. He researches the most optimal and efficient way to make sure clients achieve their goal. Elliot’s sessions are fun and inventive, and he often adds in variants to target specific areas.

Jason - PT

A versatile and wide ranging PT. “The best feeling as a trainer is seeing clients go above and beyond their capabilities and what they thought they could achieve. I regard myself as being highly professional, committed and motivated in helping you get to where you want to be.”

Simone - PT

Whoever said working out isn't much fun, cannot have worked with Simone. He makes every session entertaining to keep you motivated. An Italian ex-chef, he has great nutritional know-how for added inspiration. As a PT he believes anyone can overcome barriers by building confidence and competence.

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