Dynamic Resistance


Unlimited Classes are included in full Fitness Membership or pay as you go: £5 club members 

Dynamic Resistance at Exeter Golf and Country Club is an exercise class using free-weights to gently tone muscles groups for a total body workout.

A low impact workout to build, or strengthen muscles or work on an old injury. Dynamic Resistance is a class that predominantly focuses on form and technique through a range of resistance methods.

This class will help you:
Fix Posture
Improve Knowledge on the body and how to perform exercises using the body’s correct mechanical facets.
Build strength
Great for injury recovery through building back up correctly.
Progress from any starting point

Exercise effectively by targeted specific muscles
Improve the quality of reps as muscles are under constant tension
Build core strength and stabilising muscles
Work the full muscle from contraction to extension
Good for compound movements working several muscles at once
Improve form

Using free weights during an exercise class will make you stronger, burn more calories and build more endurance.

All levels welcome.

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