Junior Tennis Coaching

There are opportunities for juniors of all ages and abilities to get involved with our tennis coaching programmes, which are LTA approved.

There are squads for all age groups from 8&U to 18&U during the week and our always-popular Saturday morning sessions provide a fun introduction to the sport. All abilities are welcome – our coaches and children make sure any newcomers are made to feel part of the group as the lessons are friendly and fun.

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tennis coaching options

As with most sports coaching, you can choose to learn as an individual or as part of a group.

For group coaching sessions, we make sure numbers are low and that abilities are matched so that the group tennis sessions are as fair, fun and inclusive as possible.

The LTA Youth coaching programmes are a really motivational way to get children into tennis and keep them progressing, developing skills and confidence.


Introduction to tennis

For absolute beginners, LTA Youth Start is the best option as it’s fantastic value and designed especially for kids who are completely new to the sport.

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For children who have completed Tennis for Kids, or who have played tennis a bit with family or friends, the next stage of the LTA Youth tennis programmes will be ideal in moving them on. There are five steps to the programme and these courses take place on Saturday mornings at Exeter Golf and Country Club.

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Whilst groups tennis coaching may work well for most children, sometimes one-on-one individual lessons will help build initial confidence or hone in on specific skills to really take a child to the next level.

Individual tennis lessons are the quickest way to improve as each lesson is specific to the child’s needs and development. Progression is fast as our professional tennis coaches can focus on you child and work with them in a much more tailored and defined way.

Our team of coaches are available to provide lessons throughout the week, at times to suit you. You can book a one-off lesson or a course of lessons, depending on what you need.

Individual lessons start at £26.00 per hour, depending on the coach.


Competitive Youth Tennis

For those children who want to widen their horizons and play more competitive tennis, our junior tennis squads who allow them to compete against children their age from other clubs in the region.

There are squads for beginners, intermediate and advanced tennis players.

LTA approved tournaments are returning in April. We’ll be hosting events for players aged 8U through to 16U in the Whirlwind and Nexus Tours.

You can find the dates of our upcoming events, and enter them online here.

If your child is interested in joining the squad coaching sesssions, these run on weekdays after school. Spaces are limited, so please contact our Head of Rackets, James Temple to find out more.

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Mums and dads

If your child is getting into tennis and you would like to learn to play, so you can play together as a family, we also offer adults tennis coaching.

There are plenty of opportunities for adults to get involved in tennis at the club.

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