John Parr

What do you do?
I liaise with committees and managers to ensure that my team and I maintain our free draining mature parkland golf course and the estate grounds in first class condition. Our objective is that our course is both challenging and enjoyable for all standards of golfers.

What do you love about the club and working in leisure?
Being an ex 2 handicap golfer I have a passion for the game of golf and enjoy working with others that share a love of golf as I do. Working outside,  being able to appreciate the ever changing seasons and challenges that they bring is a dream come true for me.

When did you start?
I started over 25 years ago, 1987?

A sentence about you?
Professionally – I am a committed team player that endeavours to foster a working environment which helps individuals to not only to reach their goals yet exceed their potential.
Personally – I value simple things in life; a beautiful sun rise, time spent with family and friends, a walk around the best city in the world…

Favourite leisure activities?
I love to listen to the test match special ‘cricket’ on the radio, it gives me a chance to relax. For me it’s the drama of the ball by ball commentary which creates the tension and interest of the matches. The commentary team convey the flavour on the occasion with a tad of British humour.