Adam Little

What do you do?
I am the Head Chef of Exeter Golf and Country Club

What do you love about the club and working in leisure?
What I really love about the club is the different styles of food we provide from wedding functions to large banquettes, also the members bar provides classic pub style food. The team we have in the kitchen is essential to the club and working together for so many years has become more like a family than work colleagues.

When did you start?
I started in November 2014 just in time for a busy Christmas period!

A sentence about you?
I would say I am very passionate about food and have been cooking for over 20 years now. I love teaching new chefs and watching them progress.

Favourite leisure activities?
My favourite leisure activities are regular gym sessions after a days work keeping all that food tasting calories down. I try and go out for dinner when possible to see what new food trends are happening.