Wind takes its toll on club icon

Wind takes its toll on club iconOne of our famous Monterey Pines has finally given way to the high winds over the recent weeks, with a broken branch.

In what was quite a loud and dramatic break, the lower branch of the tree nearest Reception has succumbed to age and is now in the care of a tree surgeon!

The trees are thought to be over 150 years old having been planted in the mid 1800s after the first seeds of a Monterey Pine were brought to England in 1853.

David Douglas the famous botanist brought the seeds over from the Central Coast of California for the Veitch Nursery in London. Their sister nursery in Exeter was located on the land of the current day nursery St Bridgets, on Rydon Lane, and so some of the seeds were sent there.

The Tree Surgeon looking after our precious trees explained to John Parr, Course Manager that the loss of a lower branch is a common occurrence for a Monterey Pine of this age and will work on the tree to make it safe for members and guests to enjoy once more.