Weight loss success story for gym member

Gym member, Dave Pethick celebrates losing 4 stone, 7lbs in less than a year thanks to Exeter Golf and Country Club training programme and healthy eating

Weight loss success story for gym member

Being a Personal Trainer can be a fantastically rewarding job especially when someone like Dave Pethick walks into your gym in Exeter.  Weighing almost 20 stone, Dave was a man on a mission and had his mind set on losing weight and getting fit. With some health problems beginning to emerge, Dave realised the time had arrived to join a gym in Exeteraddressing his weight issues to ensure a healthy, and happy future ahead. At only 20 years old, Dave desperately wanted to regain the confidence which had been shattered as his weight increased over a number of years beforehand. Almost a year on and Dave tells his weight loss success story. The best way to lose weight is by combining a weight loss fitness programme with improved eating habits.  A Personal Trainer is often beneficial to ensure continuous progression and motivation and some of Exeter’s best Personal Trainers are at Exeter Golf and Country Club.

Dave, a senior support worker for adults with learning difficulties, mental health issues and challenging behaviour,  joined Exeter Golf and Country Club in August 2013. His Fitness Membership included full use of the gym membership, with fitness classes and holistic classes and the club’s indoor and outdoor swimming pools.  At the time he weighed 19st 3lbs and had a 42/44″ waist. Concerned about Dave’s health problems due to his size, his mum who was already a member of Exeter Golf and Country Club gym, suggested he also gave it a go. Dave was attracted to Exeter Golf and Country Club gym because it had been recommended to him for having a friendly and welcoming Gym Team and Personal Trainers along with high standard Life Fitness gym equipment and plenty of quiet times especially during the day. Due to his lack of confidence, Dave was reluctant to exercise in front of people as he was so self conscious about his weight. Exeter Golf and Country Club gym really was the best gym in Exeter for him to achieve his weight loss success.

Following a thorough gym membership induction, and tailored fitness programme, Dave started going to the Gym between 5 and 6 times per week combining a mixture of cardio work and strength training recommended to him by the Personal Trainer Gym Team. The cardio section of his programme consisted of 20 minutes on the treadmill or the cross trainer.  The strength side of the the workouts utilised the resistance machines such as the leg press, chest press and the lat pull down.  Dave would do 3 sets of 12-15 reps and finish with core work consisting of crunches, planks and oblique twists.

Dave said, “The Exeter Gym Team and Personal Trainers are all really friendly and approachable. Anytime I wanted advice or to ask a question they were always on hand to help and were constantly supportive. The little words of encouragement they would give me always motivated me to keep going and made all the difference to me achieving my goal, every step of the way.”

As the weight started to drop off, Dave added in fitness classes,which are included in his Exeter Gym Membership, especially Body Pump, which helped to shape and tone the muscles he had now uncovered through his gym training programme.

Exeter Personal Trainer, Helen Kukor who worked with Dave at the gym at Exeter Golf and Country Club said, “Dave’s achievements are an inspiration for everyone who wants to lose weight in Exeter and increase their fitness levels. Whether you have one stone or 5 stone to lose, it is without doubt easier when you find the best gym for you. Having Personal Trainers on hand also helps as we’re there to provide that extra boost of motivation and encouragement at those hard times when you feel like giving up. Dave is proof that it is possible to make a huge difference to your physical appearance and, importantly, your confidence and self-esteem.”


Dave Pethick weight loss success story

Dave Pethick weight loss success story















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