Tennis raise money for ‘Balloons’ charity

The tennis section has presented a cheque for £250 to the charity ‘Balloons’ following a year of fundraising.

As well as a raffle at the tennis annual dinner, the section raised the money through various fun tournaments through the year.

The Ladies Tennis Captain for 2015, Janet Milford presented the cheque to Sara Bennett of Balloons, with Juliet Chenery, the 2016 Ladies Tennis Captain outside Wear Park Restaurant and Spa.

The money was raised by a raffle at the annual dinner and other fun tournaments during the season. A friend of a tennis committee member used this charity having lost a sibling for comfort and support and recommended them to the section.  The money raised will fund the training of a new grief support worker.

Tennis Exeter

L-R Janet Milford, Sara Bennett, Juliet Chenery, James Temple Head of Rackets

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All about Balloons:

Balloons services are open to all pre and post bereaved children and young people (C&YP) in Exeter, Mid and East Devon. They have experienced the death, or will experience the imminent death of someone significant in their lives.
C&YP are referred to Balloons through a number of referral pathways; school, social services, health professionals, youth offending agencies, or direct from families. Volunteer Grief Support Workers (GSWs) support the C&YP through their grieving and healing process.
Research clearly indicates that the death of a significant loved one can have a profoundly negative impact on C&YP. C&YP who are not supported through grief have poorer health and educational outcomes, are more likely to engage in anti-social behaviour, have higher teenage pregnancy rates and are more prone to depression and suicide.
We are noting a spike in referrals for ‘complex’ cases, where there are multiple disadvantages experienced by the C&YP – e.g. murder of mother in domestic violence, where the children lose both mother and father as dad goes to prison; bereavement after suicide of a parent or sibling; bereavement which has a profoundly negative impact on financial status of family unit etc.
Positive interventions can minimise the negative damage caused by bereavement.

Some interesting background statistics:

• The biggest group of children who are excluded from school for bad behaviour before age 9 are those who have suffered bereavement (Home Office statistics)
• 1 in 29 children in the UK have been bereaved of a parent or sibling, that’s virtually a child in every class
• Every 22 minutes a child in Britain is bereaved of a parent.
• 24,000 UK parents die each year, leaving dependent children
• 41% of youth offenders have experienced childhood bereavement in comparison to the 4% national average.
Balloons statistics:

Our first quarter 2016 statistics set against our final quarter 2015 figures indicate:

257% increase in pre bereavement enquiries
50% increase in post bereavement enquiries
58% increase in post bereavement referrals

How we spend our money:

• £5 can pay for a memory box for a child to fill with treasured memories of the loved one that they have lost
• £10 can pay for arts and crafts materials to support a child to work creatively to process their grief
• £15 can buy a book for our resource library to support our volunteer grief support workers to find new ways of supporting bereaved children
• £50 can cover the costs of travel for a volunteer grief support worker for one month as they travel round our geographical area providing grief support to children
• £300 covers the costs of training a new grief support worker
• £500 covers the costs of our children’s Christmas party
• £1,000 covers the costs of running our volunteer grief support worker group supervision sessions for a year
• £2,000 covers the costs of our home visits to families where a mum or dad is terminally ill for a year
• £5,000 covers the costs of our activity day programme for bereaved children to meet others in similar circumstances for one year