Spa Review of ESPA Facial

Spa Review of ESPA Facial – Advanced Enzyme Facial

Here is the first of our monthly spa reviews, introducing you to the treatments we have available at Wear Park Spa.

ESPA facials are said to be among the most effective facials in the beauty world. Using ESPA products created from 99 to 100% natural ingredients, the combination of nature, science and technique promises visible results, even for the express facials. This month Wear Park Spa is launching the ESPA Advanced Enzyme Facial – a powerful and highly effective facial to boost cell regeneration and give an instantly smooth, radiant complexion.

After de-robing and sinking into the snug comfort of the massage couch, (pre-warmed by a cleverly hidden electric blanket!), my spa therapist explained how the facial would get to work, to reveal a brighter and fresher complexion. Safe in the hands of our Senior Spa Therapist, Amber, I relaxed as my skin was cleansed twice (a ‘must’ in every ESPA facial) to prepare for the forthcoming course of buffing, scrubbing, massage, smoothing and soothing.

Once prepped, every inch of my face and neck was then ‘brushed’ by a Clarisonic Cleansing system that uses a sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to cleanse six times more effectively than manual cleansing and improves the absorption of skincare products. A feeling akin to a giant electric toothbrush gliding over my skin, the brush is definitely a step up from the usual facial regime.

The Enzyme Peel was then applied to my primed skin. Containing botanical extracts and Pumpkin Enzymes, ESPA’s Enzyme Peel is 100% natural (a rarity in enzyme peels, I believe!). The enzymes deeply exfoliate the upper layer of skin, removing dead skin cells and breaking down the keratin protein to leave a smoother surface. I could certainly feel those enzymes getting to work! I experienced a tingling sensation all over my face which was almost like little electric pulses, but completely pain-free! After ten minutes the peel was removed with ice cold mitts, which immediately soothed my skin.

Amber then applied a nourishing facial oil and used Rose Quartz Crystals to massage my face, smoothing fine lines and applying deeper pressure to plump the skin. Finally, an ESPA Lifting and Smoothing Mask was applied to my skin which was probably the coldest mask I have ever encountered. More refreshing than uncomfortable, I could feel the active ingredients of concentrated Seaweed Extracts, Argan Oil and Menthol pulling together to invigorate my skin. Whilst it was drying, Amber treated my hands and arms to a relaxing massage, before peeling the mask off to reveal the finished product! My skin immediately felt somehow lighter and without doubt, the smoothest it has ever felt. Having used their skincare since December, I have noticed the benefits of ESPA’s daily nourishment, however this facial pushed those benefits even further. With immediate results, my skin felt and looked refreshed and glowing – the perfect pick-me-up during the dark winter days!

Recommended as a course of three, six or nine, the Advanced Enzyme Facial is a good, solid investment to bolster a good daily regime. Hands-down, this is the most effective facial I have experienced – ESPA’s research backs this up, with 100% reporting an improvement in skin radiance, 97% in skin firmness and 94% in skin moisture levels.

The Advanced Enzyme Facial is a 90 minute treatment, costing £85.00 or £76.50 with member discount.
A course of three is recommended for those with sensitive skin, six for normal skin or nine for more mature or problematic skin. Discounts apply for courses. Please speak with Amber in Wear Park Spa to find out if your skin is suitable for the facial before booking.

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Advanced Enzyme Facial