Sunrise on the golf course

Support our netting planning application

Exeter City Council is meeting on Monday September 30 to decide on the Club’s application for netting around parts of the golf course boundary – and we need your help.

The Council’s planning officers are recommending the application for refusal so we are calling on Club members, employees and the local community to help by voicing your support for the application.

The netting is needed to stop stray golf balls from leaving the course and causing injury or damage to homes at Great Woodcote Park that are being built close to the golf course boundary. The homes are being built by Charles Church, part of the Persimmon group and we have been advised by two separate specialist golf architects that the proposed houses are too close to the golf course boundary and that safety netting of up to 30 metres high needs to be installed.

The netting is absolutely crucial to the playability of the golf course and also to the safety of future homeowners and homes. Without planning consent, the Club will have to seriously consider moving the 18-hole course from its current location.

There are several ways you can help:

  • Write to your ward councillor to explain why you support and the application and its importance to the future of the club
  • Contact the media – for example, write a letter to the editor for publication in the letters pages
  • Attend Exeter City Council’s planning committee meeting on Monday September 30 to show the level of support for the application. The meeting is in the Civic Centre, Paris Street, at 5.30pm
  • Sign our e-petition:

Will Gannon, Exeter Golf and Country Club’s chairman, says: “We have been in discussions with Persimmon and Exeter City Council since August 2011 about this issue, and had urged them to move their houses further away from the boundary before they started on site as that would have solved the problem. Persimmon has refused to do this and the houses are now being built so the Club is left in this difficult and worrying position of being potentially liable for damage caused to property or person if the netting isn’t installed.

“That is clearly an unsustainable position for us and we will need to consider moving the 18-hole golf course if the application is refused.”

If you need any help or further information on how to support the planning application, please contact the Club on 01392 874139.

You can view the application at: