Rock Solid Race for Hospiscare

Exeter Golf and Country Club raise £700 for Hospiscare at the Rock Solid Race Exeter

Both teams from Exeter Golf and Country Club celebrated successfully completing the mighty Rock Solid Race on Saturday 15th March at Escot, raising  £700 for Hospiscare.

The 7k race (which was originally billed as 5K!) was set within the woods, rivers and fields at Escot House with 35 obstacles along the way. Exeter Golf and Country Club had two teams: the girls and the boys. Both teams finished in less than 1 hour 30 minutes, coming in on average 114th out of 1072 entrants. The girls did just pip the boys to the post though, with all the girls over the finishing line first.

The obstacles included crawling through muddy water fully submerged except for the side of the face sliding underneath barbed wire, wading through knee deep mud, carrying logs up and down muddy hills, scaling 12 foot walls, jumping into a lake from 12 feet in the air and crawling under nets through deep stinking mud…to name but a few.  Those who had completed the Commando Challenge reported that it was a ‘walk in the park’ compared to the Rock Solid Race!

Helen Kukor, Personal Trainer, temporary Gym Manager at Exeter Golf and Country Club and team leader for the girls said, “We are all exhausted but thrilled to have completed such a tough race in such a great time. I am immensely proud of everyone in the Exeter Golf and Country Club teams. We all worked well together and helped each other around the course. It was really hard going but together we got through this huge challenge smiling and happy, yet ready for a beer and bed! And, to top it off we’re have raised £700 for our Club President’s Charity of the Year, Hospiscare.”

Exeter Golf and Country Club’s Rock Solid Race teams included staff and club members.

If you would like to donate to Hospiscare you can do it simply here:


Here are some photos from the day…