Personal Training Case Study: Joe

Nick Rose tells us about a Personal Training Case Study with one of our gym members, Joe and the 20 week Personal Training programme he completed recently.

“Joe came to me 20 weeks ago with the intention of improving all aspects of fitness. He wanted to ‘get fitter’. We spoke at length so that we both really understood what he meant by ‘get fit’ as it can mean different things to different people. We narrowed it down to three goals: to improve his core strength, his lower and upper body strength and to be able to run like he could when he was younger.

On our first session we completed some basic fitness tests to see what we were starting with and to specify those goals. I’ve got to say; results were impressive for someone who had hardly exercised for over a year.

Fast forward 20 weeks of challenging Personal Training sessions and a change in nutrition, Joe has changed and the results speak for themselves.

For his cardiovascular test we timed his 2.4km run. In the consultation this was timed at 10:49. This week he has smashed his time and taken over 2 minutes off with a time of 8:34!!!

For his lower body strength we took a 10 rep max test on the Leg Press. We were looking at what was the optimal weight Joe could press for 10 repetitions. In his consultation he pushed his maximum weight of 60kg which has now increased to a staggering 160kg!

When we looked to improve Joe’s upper body strength we used a ten rep max test on the Chest Press. He was originally measured at 45kg which has now doubled to 90kg!

Dealing with Joe’s core ability, I asked him to perform the plank. I did not give Joe a time to aim for, just to keep on going for as long as he could whilst maintaining proper form. Joe persisted with this exercise for 1 minute and 39 seconds. Tested this week, Joe nearly doubled his time and performed the plank for 3 minutes and 2 seconds.

Joe is not just content with his remarkable results and still pushes to improve himself and chase down new goals. I look forward to reporting about his ongoing development in the future.

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Watch one of Joe’s Personal Training sessions with Nick here…