Perfect summer skin

The perfect summer skin is the holy grail of beauty at this time of year. It’s all about achieving that ‘glow’, that ‘radiance’ and of course, silky smooth skin.

Our spa therapists agree that the one ‘must do’ to ensure your skin is at its very best for the summer months is exfoliate. Just upping your morning routine by a minute or two each day will pay off ten-fold. Treat your body as you would your face – in fact, ‘let’s face it’, at this time of year your arms and legs can draw just as much attention – make sure it’s for the right reasons!

To really kick-start your summer skin routine, a 30 minute appointment at Wear Park Spa for a full body exfoliation is a great way to get going. The ESPA salt scrubs take some beating – 100% natural and 100% effective, you will find yourself stroking your own arms and legs for days after. It’s serious stuff. Similar to a massage, the spa therapists will give each area of your body a thorough rub down using the salt scrub most suited to your skin type. Thirty minutes later when you emerge from the treatment room you will feel like you’re walking on air. Akin to a re-birth! Like a snake shedding its skin but obviously much more glam!

If you would rather take rough skin matters into your own hands then here are some ways you can achieve perfect summer skin from the comfort of your bathroom.

Body brushing

Top of the ‘must do’ list is daily body brushing. You manage to brush your teeth and your hair, let’s take it one step further. The ESPA Skin Brush is industry renowned. It’s made from Mexican cactus plants so it’s completely natural and therefore lasts almost forever! Daily body brushing will improve skin tone and circulation significantly, which in turn helps to eradicate cellulite and increase cell renewal. Skin brushing also removes impurities and toxins from under the skin, helping to boost radiance.

To achieve the best results from skin brushing, do it before your shower while still dry. Begin at the soles of your feet and work up the front and then back of the legs, stomach, hands, arms, shoulders and back, in an upward motion always towards the heart. Skin brushing is suitable for all skin types and is by far the most simple and effective change you can make to your routine. The invigoration you feel jumping in the shower after a vigorous brush is another bonus!

Find out more about the ESPA Skin Brush which is available at Wear Park Spa for £18.

Next, it’s time to scrub up.

Body scrubs

There are lots of different types of skin scrub. A word of warning, always read the ingredients as many scrubs available on the high street contain plastic microbeads. Plastic microbeads are contributing towards a multitude of problems in the ocean and environment. After being washed down the drain they slide straight through water treatment plants and end up in rivers, lakes and oceans. Sea creatures and fish swallow them and they then enter the food chain, ultimately ending up in the food we eat. Already banned in the USA, Canada and Sweden, there are campaigns underway to ban them here, in Europe and Australia.

ESPA never use microbeads. All of ESPA scrubs and exfoliators are made from natural beads such as jojoba, Bora Bora sand, rice powder, apricot and rosehip seeds, salt and sea salt.

Depending on the level of scrub you would like (our spa therapists can point you in the right direction) you can choose from a range of ESPA exfoliators for your body and face. Using them once or twice a week will achieve instant and lasting results. The ESPA Body Smoothing Shower Gel can be used every day and the gentle, natural exfoliants will leave your skin smooth and refined. The Detoxifying Salt Scrub includes two different particle sizes which work together to remove dry, rough skin cells and help clarify the skin.  The Invigorating Body Reviver with fine particles of Bora Bora sand and rice powder delivers a thorough polishing action leaving you with incredibly soft skin. For your face, our favourite for everyday use is the award-winning Optimal Skin ProCleanser. The jojoba spheres are waxy in consistency, enabling them to gently exfoliate and then melt into your skin to leave it clear, nourished and smooth – you can leave it on while you shower as it also works as rejuvenating skin mask.

Perfect summer skin top tips

So, what else? A good old fashioned body polisher (shower puff!) works wonders as you use less shower gel (check out ESPA’s Nourishing Shower Gel with sweet almond oil and shea butter for the softest skin) and gives your skin a final boost before moisturising.  Talking of which, how often do you moisturise? We believe moisturising every day after your shower (as you would moisturise your face after cleansing) is the way to complete your daily routine, all year round. A good nourishing moisturiser will provide a surge of hydration to bring out that glow you’ve worked hard to achieve. We recommend ESPA Smooth and Firm Body Butter. The rich melting hydration to refines skin texture, softens and restores suppleness. ESPA even offer a tan to set off your perfect summer skin. The Naturally Radiant Gradual Tan creates a bronzed and even glow. The nourishing and smoothing body cream intuitively works with your skin’s chemistry to develop a natural and healthy looking tan. With plant actives to create a colour that gradually develops over 4 hours your skin will be left bronzed and radiant. With a combination of shea butter, coconut and sweet almond oil the skin is left feeling deeply hydrated and soft whilst jasmine, rosewood and ylang ylang essential oils leave your skin subtly scented.

Luminous skin is within reach. Final word of advice…remember plenty of water and sun protection!


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