Original 1895 golf club returned to Exeter

Original 1895 golf club returned to Exeter Golf and Country Club this week

An incredible stroke of luck occurred this week when an antique ‘Mashie’ golf club dating from 1895 found its way back to Exeter Golf and Country Club in Devon.

An eagle eyed member from fellow ‘1895’ golf club, Great Torrington Golf Club in North Devon spotted the hickory shafted club under a pile of junk at an auction in Cornwall. The member instantly knew the importance of this club and had to keep quiet about its discovery until he managed to secure the golf club on auction day.

The’ Mashie’ was buried under a pile of other clubs at the back of the auction room. The ‘Mashie’ is made and stamped by the original golf professional, WJ Ball at Exeter Golf Club in 1895. This is a very significant date not just for Exeter Golf Club but for Great Torrington Golf Club as well. In 1995 a number of golf clubs from across the UK celebrated their centenary. So successful was the coming together of these golf clubs that shared their birthday that the Devon and Cornwall clubs now meet annually to play in a tournament and share great friendship between the clubs and members.

Great Torrington Golf Club Secretary, Garry Harding, was very pleased to donate the ‘Mashie’ to the Exeter Golf and Country Club Golf Manager, Russell Mayne this week.

Garry said, ‘We are absolutely delighted that this piece of golfing history to has come to rest where it began its life 109 years ago. The spirit of friendship that exists between our club and the other members of the ‘1895’ assemblage is second to none. One of the major benefits of being a member of a Golf Club founded in 1895 is that its members have courtesy of the course at the 43 other 1895 clubs throughout the UK, Europe and as far afield as New Zealand. All club members of ‘1895’ enjoy this reciprocal arrangement and can play a round on these wonderful golf courses absolutely free.’

Now the ‘Mashie’ will be on display at Exeter Golf and Country Club for members and visitors to enjoy.

The official presentation will be made on 21st September.

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