Nick’s 12 Week Challenge

Nick Rose one of our Personal Trainers at Exeter Golf and Country Club has set his own New Year get fit programme – Nick’s 12 Week Challenge and wants to share it…here is his first instalment.

The Beginning: Nick’s 12 Week Challenge

I, like most of you want to hit 2016 hard and with a bang. Although I work in a gym and do many classes per week, I struggle to find time to do my own work outs and to reach my own personal goals.

After Christmas, I’ve noticed that the reading on the scales has gone up a touch and my jeans are that much tighter. I’ve decided that I’m going to undergo my own 12 week body transformation.

Starting this week, I’m going to MAKE time and see how my body can progress. I will be looking to take a bit off of my waist whilst trying to increase the size of my: chest, arms and quads.

Here are two pictures I have just taken of myself.

The stats are (cold, flexed):
Weight: 76kg
Waist: 32 inch
Chest: 39 inch
Quads: 21 inch
Arms/Biceps: 12.5 inch

Every week I will report on my progress and how ‘Nick’s 12 Week Challenge’ develops with different aspects of how I’m feeling, what exercises I’m doing, my supplementation, nutrition and other things that may be of interest.

I will first update a progress picture of myself at the half way point of 6 weeks with my then currents stats. This will show how I am progressing through the first part of the transformation. The first six weeks is usually the hardest as you are still craving the foods that you love. After the first six weeks you will start to form habits and the cravings will start to subside.

At the end of the 12 weeks, I will then once again include another picture of what I look like after the transformation and my current stats.

As always, if you have any questions regarding your own personal fitness, please don’t hesitate to find me in the gym and ask me!

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