Nick’s 12 Week Challenge

Blog #4 – End of Week 2 – Nick’s 12 week challenge

Just a quick one guys as not much has changed, but I will still go through a few points.

So, last week I included my workout plans that I have been following and will continue to follow.

This past week that I have just completed was the second round of all of my exercises, keeping the same weights as the previous week as well as keeping the same rep and set ranges.

Next week, I will be making some slight changes to my plan with my sets, reps and weight. I am going to sets the same, but the amount of reps in each set will be going down by 2 and I will look to increase the weight ever so slightly.

I’m doing this to keep my body guessing. Although it’s only two weeks and won’t make too much of a difference, I have put a limit of 12 weeks onto this transformation and the small differences will add up in the end!

Just to comment on how I’m feeling, now that I’ve completed the first two weeks, is that I’m on the whole feeling much more awake and alert. I’m usually terrible for early mornings and more awake in the evening, but with this plan (nutrition and exercise), I’ve found that while I still have the energy in the evening, my energy in the morning is the best it’s ever been!

The DOMS this week are still coming through, especially in my legs! If you saw me, you’d have thought I was doing a John Wayne impression. After doing my legs routine the next few days were pretty tough, feeling it up until Saturday evening. This is all expected as the last time I followed a leg routine was some time ago. Next week, I expect fully that my DOMS will have decreased and that I wont be in too much discomfort.

Next week, I will have changed up my rep ranges and increased the weight, follow back to hear all about it. Remember, if you have any questions concerning your fitness, please don’t hesitate to ask!