New Wines for the Summer

New Wines for the Summer – a guide to the new wine list at Exeter Golf and Country Club

With the sun shining, it seems we have picked the best week to launch our New Wines for the Summer.

A new Wine Menu means the chance to explore a wider range of wine, while also finding the perfect match for your food if dining. Available in both the Sports Bar and Wear Park Restaurant, the new Wine Menu features more wines by the glass to encourage members and guests to explore the new wines on the menu. The menu features wines from across the world using a wide variety of grapes to appeal to most tastes.

So, what’s new? Well firstly, we have moved from a blended house wine to a single grape varietal offering a Spanish Chardonnay, Garnacha Rose and a Tempranillo. These new house wines are great value at just over £10 a bottle and £3.15 a glass for members. The Chardonnay is a fresh and crisp dry white with hints of tropical fruit. This Chardonnay is a smooth and well balanced white wine. The Garnacha Rose, also from Spain, is a great easy going juicy wine with fresh strawberry fruit coming through at every sip, perfect for a summer afternoon. The Tempranillo is again a well produced wine, as a fruity Spanish red with crunchy, leafy blackcurrant and strawberry flavours.

The wine tasting team here at the club worked with our suppliers, Regency Wine to come up with a list they felt ticked all boxes across taste, value for money and occasion. One of the favourites that came to light, and a fashionable wine of the moment was the Willowglen Gewurztraminer Reisling. Produced in Australia, this New World Gewurztraminer Reisling offers a bouquet of sweet rose petals and citrus aromas with an intensely floral flavour, ending in crisp citrus notes to balance the fruit. Chris Jones, General Manager of Exeter Golf and Country Club describes this new wine, which is served by the glass and bottle, as ‘summer in a glass’…perhaps a good place to start when exploring the new wines on offer on a sunny day like today, perhaps accompanying our Thai baked salmon with chilli, spring onions and lemongrass. A mouth-watering combination.

Nipping over the water from Australia to New Zealand, the new Neptune Point Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is the most refreshing of the whites with aromas of freshly cut grass and citrus fruit with a palate packed full of tropical fruit, gooseberry and asparagus. Try this with our popular Three Fish Salad and you won’t be disappointed.

The King of the Chardonnay is the final new white to join our list – Chablis Elegance from Moreau in France. This golden coloured wine is elegant, complex and well-developed with scents of lemongrass and white mint. The full and powerful mineral, citrus flavours offer a zesty accompaniment to our warm Cajun chicken dish.

Availability of wine by the glass was another important factor for our wine tasting team as the Bar and Waiting Teams are often asked for this by our members and visitors. The club now offers eleven wines by the glass, five white, three reds, a rose and two sparkling wines.

The new reds range from light to full bodied to suit all occasions and times of the year. The Dry River Shiraz has always been a popular choice for members as a reasonably priced full-bodied wine and of course the Volandes Merlot is as popular as Merlots always are. The wine tasting team felt that there was a gap for a Californian Zinfandel to offer an alternative to some of the lighter mid-range wines.The 770 miles Red Zinfandel is from the Central Valley and has a full nose with a palate of red berries supported by light tannins and a fresh finish. A good all-rounder.

The wine list now features more mid-range wines to suit wine lovers looking for wine with a depth to enjoy either on its own or with a hearty dinner. Over to France, the new Chateau Clair Moulin Medoc offers ruby red intensity with a solid and powerful mouth and supple balanced palate. The new La Chapelle du Marin Cotes du Rhone is perfect for a lamb dish with its bramble fruit aromas and rich fruit flavours, cloves and cinnamon. It is luscious, full, rich and easy to drink.

Lastly no red wine list is complete with a smooth Chianti and a lively Pinor Noir to complete the selection. The new Chianti from Prunatelli, Italy has a pretty nose of cherries and almonds, with a hint of smokiness and violet. The palate is brimming with soft, ripe, juicy cherries and plums with soft ripe tannins. A classic Chianti to go with a classic pasta dish – a lasagne perhaps. Finally from the reds, the new Duette Pinot Noir from Chile. The ripe red fruits and floral notes are abundant with a softness and delicate texture so typical of the best Pinot Noir – perfect for a Sunday Lunch in Wear Park.

In response to many requests the new Wine Menu now includes a second sparkling wine available by the glass. Members and visitors can now choose from a classic Prosecco and the Mirabello Pinot Grigio Rose Spumante – both are a great combination of a light, fruit palate and lively fizz.  Here’s a perfect way to enjoy a refreshing glass of Prosecco – Afternoon Tea overlooking the putting green! Please click here for more information and to book our Afternoon Tea.

Finally to top off the perfect Wine Menu, the club has included a forever favourite, Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label. Say no more.

Chris Jones, General Manager and wine enthusiast has many recommendations from the new Wine Menu but when pushed, explains his favourites are the Gewurztraminer, the Pinot Noir and the Dry River Shiraz…and of course for a special occasion or treat, the Veuve Clicquot.

Member discount is available on all the wines.

Wear Park Restaurant is open to everyone, you do not have to be a member to enjoy, lunch, dinner, Sunday Lunch or Afternoon Tea – although if you are, member discount applies which makes it even tastier!

Find out more about Wear Park Restaurant here. 

New Wine Menu

New Wine Menu