Meet the Spa Therapist: Laura

Last month, we introduced our Spa Manager, Amber. Now it’s time to introduce the rest of the team. Here is Laura talking about her likes, loves and favourite moments at work!

Name: Laura

Training: Level 2 Diploma Beauty Therapy Techniques, Level 3 Diploma Beauty Therapy Techniques, Level 3 Diploma Beauty and Spa Therapies, ESPA Face and Body, Elemis Face and Body, Elemis Bio-Tec, Intimate waxing, Caflon Ear Piercing, Minx Nails.

Favourite treatment:

I love all of the ESPA treatments however if pushed, I would say my favourites are the ESPA facials as you can adapt them to your client’s individual needs. The revolutionary SkinVison lamp enables you to see the skin on a deeper level showing any dehydration, pigmentation and excess oil. We use that insight to adapt our facials especially for each individual

Favourite product:

Optimal Skin ProCleanser. This is one of my favourite cleansers of all time.  It’s lightweight and easy to use. This product is not only a cleanser but an exfoliator and mask all in one so you don’t have to worry about using multiple products. This cleanser is good for all skin types and I highly recommend it – especially for those who have a need for speed!

Top tips:

Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise every day morning and evening.
Use a Body exfoliator once or twice a week for soft supple skin and moisturise every day.
Using a mask once or twice a week boosts cell renewal and also help get rid of any dry skin cells.

Winter essentials:

Resistance Body Oil is perfect for when you’re feeling run down and not quite yourself. This product is antibacterial to help fight off bacteria and viruses such as colds and coughs. It will also help strengthen your immune system. It’s uplifting  which helps enhance a sense of wellbeing

The ESPA Skin Brush is a must. By using this brush daily you’ll notice a significant improvement in skin tone. Its boosts cell renewal for softer and more radiant skin, plus it helps with any water retention and also cellulite. Use daily before bathing or showers by simply brushing the skin in brisk strokes always towards the heart.

Rejuvenating Hand Cream to deeply nourish, soften, replenish and condition dry hands and nails. It also helps pigmentation and protect against environmental pollutants.

Summer essential:

Naturally Radiant Tinted Moisturiser. During the summer time if you don’t want to be wearing thick foundation then naturally radiant tinted moisturiser would be best for you. This one gives you a natural looking complexion, plus it’s light and fragrance free with an SPF15.

Skin Radiance Mask. This light-weight gel mask is brilliant in the summer time.  Using it once or twice a week helps clean away any dull and dry skin cells from the surface to reveal fresher new cells. It’s an instant skin boost which will help to encourage an even and flawless skin tone.

Hydrating Floral Spafresh Spritzer. This spritzer is great if your skin in dehydrated or if you need a little fix during the day.  It is easy to use and also you can use it over make-up to keep you refreshed. Spritz over the face, neck and décolleté to tone. This toner is enriched with pure essential oils to nourish and help maintain the skin’s natural pH balance.

What do you love about Wear Park Spa?

I love everything about the spa! It is completely unique being a Georgian building with all its original features from the shutters to the high ceilings and the big spacious rooms. Every window reveals amazing views across the golf course,  changing every day depending on the weather. We always give the very best care and treatments.

Best moment in your career?

During the couple of years I have been qualified as a spa therapist, I can honestly say my favourite bit so far was joining the team at Wear Park Spa.  Everyone gets along so well and we all work as a really tight team, supporting each other.  Seeing the spa expanding is very exciting. Working in a successful spa gives such a sense of achievement.  The compliments and feedback we get (5 star usually!) is testament to each of us in the team giving 110% to the spa, all the time.

Meet the Spa Therapist: Laura