Why Your Kids Should Try Junior Golf

At Exeter Golf and Country Club we pride ourselves on our excellent golf facilities. Our new course is arguably one of the best in Devon. Almost 200,000 people started playing golf last year through the new Get Into Golf programme. It’s not only adults who can enjoy this sport, which is experiencing a resurgence across the country. With a dedicated Junior Golf Academy, . Here are our top reasons why your kids should try junior golf, and how they can get started!

1. Junior Golf is Great Fun

Golf is one of the most enjoyable games to play and is an ideal way for families to spend time together. For mums and dads wanting some precious time with their son or daughter, golf is a great way to get out in the fresh air, playing a sport and having a chat. Simply put, if your kids starting playing junior golf, they’re bound to love it. Not only that, but with sunny days and warm weather, summer is the perfect time to get started.

2. Junior Golf is a Good Way to Get Active

It’s a sad truth that it’s far too easy for kids today to glue themselves to a screen or game and grab a bag of crisps. Golf is still a game but outside and active. Golf is the perfect opportunity for your kids to embrace an outdoor activity and as a solo competitive sport complements team sports such as rugby and football.

Many people are surprised at the how active golf is. A round of golf on an 18 hole course lasts up to four hours and burns up to 2000 calories. Golf also promotes flexibility and strength but with a very low risk of injury.

3. Golf Buddies

One of the greatest things about golf is that it is a truly social sport- just think of the old saying, “business gets done on the golf course”. Your kids might not be doing business just yet, but it’s still a great opportunity for them to meet new friends outside of school and their regular activities. Friends/family that play together, stay together. Many of our more senior golfers joined the club as children, playing with their parents. They grew up together on the golf course and still catch up once or twice a week for a round.

4. Life Lessons on the Golf Course

You can learn a lot of things about life on the golf course, and the game can teach your kids several valuable lessons.

Some of the most important of these are dedication, perseverance, and the value of self-improvement. Very few people start off naturally brilliant at golf, and learning to accept advice and work hard to make progress – even if it’s difficult and frustrating – will always be a good character trait to develop.

Likewise, having the patience to deal with a frustrating game will help prepare your kids for some of the challenges in the adult world. After all, golf isn’t supposed to be easy! But at least it’s easy to start practising – our Head Golf Professional and his team all started to play in Junior Golf Academies and now they’re doing it for a living.

5. It’s Easy to Get Started

If you’re all ready to let your kids try out golf, it’s easy to get started! Exeter Golf and Country Club is renowned for its coaching of junior golfers, via the Junior Golf Academy. Our coaching is available for three different age groups, ranging from 5-16 years, so you can be sure that your child will always get the best experience.

What are you waiting for? To find out more and book junior golf, contact us via our Junior Golf page!

Coming soon…family golf days.