Intelligent Golf

Golf members will love having intelligentgolf at the club.  Simply put, it gives you all the information you could ever need, lets you access it from anywhere, and tells you how to beat your opponent at matchplay.

Since the system is built around competition results for handicapping, all the data that is needed is added automatically.  Once that information is there, you are able to:

  • Look at the competition results from qualifiers and non-qualifiers as soon as it is published – you even get an email to tell you when if you like
  • Don’t settle for summary information, you can view the actual cards submitted, and see how everyone’s handicap is affected – instantly!
  • Analyse your golfing performance, hole by hole, round by round
  • Compare yourself against other members to get the lowdown on matchplay tactics
  • View a personalised schedule of your upcoming golfing committments
  • View, print and save your own handicap history, certificate or away letters and so much more.

To log on to YOUR website for YOUR golf, click the following link