Golf tips – ball striking

Here is the first blog from our Golf Pro, Mark Hurst’s golf tips – ball striking.

Welcome to my new blog where I will be giving regular tips and advice on all things golf related including preparation, rules, swing tips, fault fixes, equipment news and much more.

Today’s topic is ball striking which is pretty apt considering the weather we have been having. The last two shots you want to be hitting this time of year is the thin or the fat. Apart from neither being very good shots, the thin stings a bit on cold mornings and the fat in muddy conditions is likely to result in a fair dose of “mud-pie” in the face.

Both shots result from reaching the lowest point on the through swing inconsistently. The lowest point in the arc of the swing is opposite the center of the chest or your solar plexus. The first thing to do to avoid those fats and thins is to try get the feeling at impact that your solar plexus is a couple of inches ahead of the ball, this will encourage a slight downward attack angle with a divot just after the ball. Poor rhythm and hitting at the ball can also exaggerate those fats and thins. Maintaining a good consistent rhythm will help especially with the thin shot. Hitting at the ball which is also a very common error causes an exaggerated steep angle of attack causing the club to dig in and unless your hand eye co-ordination is fantastic your chances of catching ground before ball will be massively increased. Maintaining your height in the swing and picturing a shallow divot will go a long way to helping you avoid the fat “mud-pie” shot.

I hope you have enjoyed my first Exeter Golf and Country Club golf blog, Keep an eye out for my next blog coming soon “Practice with Purpose”.

Mark Hurst
PGA Professional

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Golf tips ball striking