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Fitness Myths by our Personal Trainer, Helen Kukor – find out more about the gym here.
1) ‘If I lift weights I’ll look bulky’

If you were to look at one kilo of fat and one kilo of muscle side by side, you would notice how much smaller the muscle is even though it’s the same weight. Meaning, the more muscle you have on your body, the less space you will take up. Many people, both men and women, think that lifting weights will make you look like a bodybuilder. That’s like saying studying physics will turn you into Einstein. The amount of time, food and discipline it takes to get huge from weights is almost a full time job – and sometimes influenced by illegal substances! So, my advice is to embrace weight training! You’ll feel and look leaner and increase you metabolism. Our Exeter Gym.

2) ‘If I do 1000 crunches a day I’ll get a ‘6 pack’

It is possible through progressive resistance training to increase the strength, size and endurance capabilities of a specific muscle or a specific muscle group. For example, if you consistently do 4 sets of 5 pull ups over a period of time your latissimus dorsi will develop. However, it is not possible to reduce the amount if fat in a particular area through exercise specific training. If you do 1000 crunches a day will not create the ‘toned’ abdominals that people strive for. Muscular strength and endurance will certainly improve, but to get that ‘toned’ look, the whole body needs to be trained to lose fat all over. Diet and calorific expenditure plays an important role in losing fat.

3) ‘I’m too old to do weights’

If done safely and appropriately weight training can be beneficial to all age groups. Elderly individuals are still able to partake in weight training and are even still able to increase their muscle mass. Children too can do weight training; however the focus for them should be on body weight exercises concentrating on their technique. Weight training increases bone density, improves body composition and increases the proficiency of motor-skill performance and therefore benefits everyone. Maybe one of our fitness classes would work well to help! Find out more about fitness classes in Exeter.

4. ‘If I stop exercising my muscle will turn to fat’

Muscle and fat are different types of tissue, both unique. When you work your muscles they will adapt to the demands placed upon them, increased training will make your muscles grow, known as hypertrophy, whereas a decrease in activity and training will see you muscles shrink, known as atrophy. Fat stores are slightly different. They will decrease during training because the body is burning more calories and increase during periods of inactivity due to lower energy expenditure.

A personal trainer such as Helen, is the best way to see fitness results fast and they will keep you motivated and moving forward! Find out more about our personal trainers. 

Personal Trainer fitness tips

Personal Trainer fitness tips