Filter Isolation – Important Indoor Pool News

Over the weekend, we experienced a heavy loss in water from the indoor pool due to a crack in one of the pool filters. This led to the pool level dropping and air getting into the system. This could have led to the pumps running dry, overheating and burning out, the filter could have cracked flooding our plant room. I have therefore isolated one of our two filter tanks.

We have been scheduling the replacement of the filter tank which involves removing part of the plant room wall. This will now happen as soon as possible, however with one filter being isolated, we can now only use one pump to filter the pool water instead of the usual two.

This may lead to a drop in water clarity. The microbiological state of the water will remain completely safe, however the water clarity will diminish. To help elevate this problem, we have increased the flocculent (a glue that lumps small particles together so the filters remove them) dosing which is interjected into the remaining filter, and we have increased the chlorine levels, though
levels will remain well within the safe bathing limits set by the ISRM as measures to combat the current situation.

We are of course, working hard on a permanent fix, and this will be a complete filter replacement. We are waiting for confirmation of dates when the works can be carried out. As soon as we have more details I will update members. In the meantime please bear with us, if you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me by ringing 01392 874139 or asking for me at reception.

Kind Regards

Adam Tapp

Club Manager