Christmas Party Fitness Tips!

Trying to get into that outfit for the Christmas party? Look no further!  Here are some expert fitness tips from our very own Personal Trainer, Nick Rose.

This 6 week full body workout is aimed at targeting all the major muscle groups for an extended metabolic hit.  Here’s how:

  • Complete each exercise for 10 repetitions
  • Complete the whole circuit 5 times
  • 5 second rest in-between exercises
  • 1 minute rest after each complete circuit
  • Complete this 3-4 times a week to maximise efficiency of the fat burning process
  1. 2-Handed Kettle Bell Swing
    Stand with your feet at shoulder width apart with a two handed grip on the kettle bell handle. To gain momentum, swing the kettle bell through the legs and back up to in line with the chest. Once you’ve gained momentum, exaggerate the movement by increasing the range of the swing.
  2. Kettle Bell Lunge
    Keep both feet pointing forward as you step forward with one leg. Holding the kettle bell with a ball grip close to the chest, sink down so that your knees are bent at a ninety degree angle. Stand back up with your feet in the original position and complete on the other leg.
  3. Kettle Bell Shoulder Press and Extension
    With your feet and hip width apart, hold the kettle bell with both hands in a ball grip. Holding the kettle bell at your chest, press the kettle bell overhead vertically and bend at the elbows so that your elbows are at ninety degrees. Extend the elbows and bring the kettle bell back down to your chest.
  4. Kettle Bell Figure of 8
    Stand with your feet at shoulder width apart. Bring your hips back and sink down so that your knees are behind your toes. Whilst in this squat position, pass the kettle bell through you legs in a figure of eight.
  5. Kettle Bell Chest Press
    Lie on the floor with your kettle bell in one hand and your supporting arm out to the side. The kettle bell should be on the back of the wrist. Press the kettle bell to near extension at the elbow. Bring the kettle bell down so that your elbow touches the floor then repeat.
  6. Kettle Bell Russian Twist
    With knees bent, sitting down on the ground, hold the kettle bell by the horns. Lean back so that you only your glutes are touching the floor (to make it easier you can have your feet on the floor as well). Rotate the kettle bell either side of your body whilst keeping your core firm.


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