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Blueberry Nutrition Exeter now offer nutrition advice for club members and the public at Exeter Golf and Country Club. Jenni Davies, Marketing and PR Manager reports on what it means to use a nutritionist and how it will improve her health over the coming months…

Blueberry Nutrition Exeter




The proof is in the pudding they say…well we will soon see about that.

As an excited bride-to-be, I jumped at the chance to be a case study for Blueberry Nutrition who have just started offering their services here at the club. I had one aim in mind – the usual bride-to-be goal – weight loss. Nothing too dramatic, simply trimming off those areas of concern, which for me refers to my upper arms and tummy.

The thought of seeing a nutritionist before now has always screamed two things to me: expense and hassle. I have had diet plans before, you see. Diet plans that involved cooking peculiar concoctions for breakfast, or spending a fortune on unusual and rarely-found ingredients, and hours slaving over a stove cooking one thing for me, and another for my children and partner.

So, perilously perched on the edge of my seat, preparing for the ‘grilling’, I began thinking back over my previous day’s food consumption and what was to come for me…could I, for instance, forgo my weekend vats of red wine? The tension was mounting.

Ben introduced himself to me and told me about how and why he became a nutritionist. Ben, it turns out, likes working with just about every type of person. From the small challenges of a forthcoming wedding, to somewhat larger concerns such as ‘mega-triathletes’ consecutively climbing Mount Everest, rowing the Atlantic and cycling round the world in a year! I’ll stick to the wedding prep!

For Ben, everyone has one common denominator. We all have to eat.

He wants to help people achieve the body shape and health levels they dream of, through making better choices. He doesn’t offer radical diets. He asks what you like and what you don’t like. He asks about your lifestyle at home and at work. He wants to present the best guidance which is easily achievable, with a touch of perseverance. He helps you understand the human body and how it handles food and the reasons why we do or do not lose weight. Best of all, he does all this with a massive sense of humour – which makes it effortless and easy.

An hour of chatting and I reveal the ins and outs of my current diet, which is already pretty good. I have always taken an interest in eating fresh, unprocessed food and enjoy cooking. I don’t eat much bread. Eat lots of lean meat and fish and as many fruit and vegetables I can cram onto my plate and into my Nutribullet smoothies, which have been my staple breakfast since Christmas. However, I felt I had reached a plateau and I needed a boost to lose half a stone to look younger, fresher and vitalised for the wedding in August.

As it turns out, I am not eating enough…and not consuming the correct balance of food for my body to burn fat instead of storing it for a rainy day. ‘More’ food? Of course, I was expecting the opposite. However, as Ben informs me my lack of protein at specific times of the day means that my body isn’t producing the necessary components to develop muscle – and so when I sleep or rest and the body uses up my protein reserves, it turns to breaking down my muscle rather than the fat! A revelation! It makes perfect sense when explained so simply.

Ben is now working on my nutrition plan which will include simple recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner using the kind of food I currently buy.  Put simply, the plan will be balanced to help my body be more efficient.

I can’t wait to get cracking, but in the meantime, it’s Easter weekend and that means three things…chocolate, roast lunch and of course my weekend vats of wine!

The next instalment will follow shortly…

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