Best way to get fit for over 65s

The NHS report that adults aged 65 and over are the most sedentary age group, spending on average, 10 hours a day sitting or lying down. So, what is the best way to get fit for over 65s?

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We all know that being active is the best way to achieve a healthy body and a healthy mind. Remaining active means that you can keep doing the things you love…playing with grandchildren, exploring the world around you, visiting friends, shopping, housework and looking after yourself for as long as possible!

By keeping on the move you can help keep heart disease, obesity, some types of cancer, dementia, stroke, type 2 diabetes and mental illness at bay. Improved physical stability is another reason amongst many why it’s worth spending half an hour, five days a week, doing some form of exercise.

Walking fast, gardening or riding a bike are great ways to take matters into your own hands. However, if you need a bit more structure to raise your heart rate or want to combine your exercise with meeting new friends, joining a club is a good place to start.

Our sports team at Exeter Golf and Country Club are here to help you decide which exercise will suit you best. Here are their reasons why their chosen sport is best for over 65 year olds.


Dan Shiguemiti is our Head of Pools. As a professional swimming instructor and qualified trainer for both first aid and lifeguard coaching, Dan is pretty biased about swimming being the best choice of exercise for over 65s. He has coached hundreds of children and adults from being afraid of the water to becoming life-long swimmers. He knows his stuff. Here are his 5 reasons why swimming is good for this age group.

1. Strengthen and tone your muscles
Water is more resistant than air and so exercising in water tones your muscles more than any other cardiovascular exercise in the safest way possible.

2. Improve your breathing
If you suffer from asthma or other breathing issues, the humidity makes it easier to breathe while good technique will increase your lung volume to improve your breathing out of the water too.

3. Look after your joints
The buoyancy of water supports your bodyweight causing less strain on bones, joints and muscles. Swimming is great for obesity or for those with weak bones.

4. Lose weight
Water resistance means those calories will burn off more quickly than other forms of exercise – obviously though, the harder you swim, the more you burn!

5. Reduce stress
Being submerged in water is one of the most relaxing states for a human. Swimming boosts endorphins, releasing the feel-good hormone, serotonin. A study shows that people, regardless of their swimming level, are less prone to tension, depression, anger and confusion after going for a dip. So yes, novices and amateurs will feel just as good as the pros!


Ben Martin, our Golf Manager manages our golf memberships here at Exeter Golf and Country Club and has been a professional golfer for years, coaching beginners through to those with a single-figure handicap. Here are his reasons why golf is the sport of choice for over 65 year olds.
1. A sport for all ages
Whether you learn to play as a child or when you retire, golf is accessible for all ages. We have many initiatives to encourage new golfers, including the nationwide programme; Get Into Golf. You can learn to play for less than £150 and we provide the equipment!

2. It’s a social sport.
They say the golf course is a great place to do business, well it is also a great place to meet friends. Whether you are on the course or enjoying a drink afterwards, you’ll feel at home with other golfers who often become life-long friends. We have many social events as well, with competitions, dinners, parties and lunches.

3. Keep fit
Golf is a good way to keep fit, without having to push yourself too hard! 18 holes can burn around 700 calories if you push the trolley the whole way, or 400 if you ride a buggy.

4. Your ability doesn’t matter
It’s called the fairest sport in that it is a level playing field. All golfers have a fair shot when applying the handicap to their score!

5. Enjoy nature
There aren’t many sports that allow you to enjoy time in the great outdoors to the extent golf does. Walking over 4 miles, breathing fresh air and enjoying the scenery…who said sport has to be hard work?


James Temple is our Head of Rackets looking after our tennis, squash and racketball members, courts, competitions, coaching and children’s lessons. We welcome players of all ages and find that taken up young, often players develop a life-long love of the sport. For James, being on the court is the best place to keep active as the years advance and here’s why:
1. Social sport
Tennis and squash courts are great places to meet new people and often followed by time spent socialising in the bar afterwards.

2. All ages activity
Suitable for all ages and levels of ability. Players aged from 3 to 90 can take part.

3. Courting your fitness
Simply put, racket sports improve your fitness. Playing a racket sport is a workout for your whole body. From footwork to contact with the ball, each shot requires your whole body to work together, increasing strength, flexibility and reducing the risk of injury.

4. Boosts brain power
All three sports entail planning, awareness of tactics and co-ordination. Sports that require lots of thought have been linked to helping memory.

5. A range of options
There is a whole of variety of options within racket sports. From cardio tennis to lunchtime racketball, team matches to club sessions and regional competitions there is something for everyone. Plus, it’s less monotonous than swimming!

Gym and Classes

Lee Cooke is our Gym Manager and has worked with people of all ages, shapes and sizes to help them achieve their fitness goals. We have many gym members who didn’t step foot inside a gym or fitness class before retiring – we make sure they feel as welcome as those who’ve been working out for years. We have a good range of classes, weight machines and cardio equipment, which used with a programme especially designed for each individual make a super safe setting for a fitter lifestyle.

1. Programmed for you
Our instructors will listen to you, find out about your health and goals before designing a bespoke fitness programme for you. It’s renewed often to ensure it never becomes ‘routine’.

2. Variety is the spice of life
You can make use of the gym as well as the fitness and holistic classes included in your membership. A well-balanced fitness plan can include gym work as well as a cardio class work out and a yoga class to stretch and elongate muscle groups.

3. Safety first
As well as better physical stability, an improved heart rate and weight loss benefits improving your fitness in an environment with trained professionals on hand is the healthiest approach to keeping active later in life.

4. Be independent
Unlike racket sports and golf where you need others to play against, you call simply roll up to the gym when it suits you (between 6am and 10pm every day) and get on with getting fit!

5. Make new friends
Exercise doesn’t have to be boring or difficult. Try something new like aerobics or yoga or our group Personal Training sessions and you’ll soon find your social life is more active as well. A super smoothie (or coffee!) in The Hub after a class is standard practice!

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best way to get fit for over 65s