Alterations to the golf course update

Update to Members on alterations to Golf Course – 30 January 2015.

Dear All,

Thank you to all those members who were able to attend the presentation on Monday 19 January and I hope those of you who were unable to come along have now seen the first draft of the plan that was circulated on our website. If you haven’t, please visit the website page as it is important to us that we have your views.

We have already received some helpful initial feedback from members, which has generally been very positive and enabled us to implement a few tweaks to the layout. I can assure you that all comments will be given due consideration by the Project Team.

Some of you have rightly been concerned about the level of disruption to the golf course when the alteration works start later this year and, in this respect, I already have some good news.

Firstly, the Practice Ground will not be needed for any temporary holes and by using the old 16th, it will be possible to keep a full 18 hole golf course open throughout the whole season, with only one of the affected holes out of action at any one time. It’s a good job we already have 19 holes at our disposal.

Secondly, any work that will significantly affect the playability of the course will not take place until the autumn and this will only mean the use of a few temporary greens that we always have in play out of season. In fact, with some additional planned improvements to several holes, we may even have less temporary greens next winter than we normally have!

Finally, I would like to thank Tom MacKenzie and the Project team for their ongoing help and advice and I will issue further updates on a regular basis. I hope they will all be this positive!

Kind Regards,

Will Gannon.