Nick’s 12 Week Challenge

Nick’s latest update on his 12 Week Challenge, is about his training in the lead up to the Rock Solid Race on 22nd March.

Hi everyone, I am beginning to feel changes taking place as a result of my 12 Week Challenge programme – reduction on waist measurements and an increase in my upper arm circumference. This time I will be covering my week working towards the Rock Solid Race, which I successfully completed along with the team of staff and members from the club!

It has long been in the diary that I would be taking a group of members and members of staff to participate in the 10km Rock Solid obstacle race.

As events go, I love obstacle races and this was my 6th in recent years and it’s definitely one of my hobbies I wish I could do more of.

The week leading up to the event, considering I am still dedicated towards my 12 week challenge put me in a hard spot. I know that going hell for leather in my training programme would result in an increased risk of injury which is something I desperately wanted to avoid.

Carrying on from my last post, talking about listening to the body, I decided to do just that. This week I was meant to be going to my ‘peak’ stage of my training but because of the event at the end of the week I decided to protect myself and do my ‘specific phase’ training plan for another week.

I only completed four workouts in the week, leaving out my arms specific day so that I could completely rest the day before the race to ensure that I had enough energy for the race and not have to run it dealing with the aches and pains of DOMS.

When we ran the race on Saturday, I felt that I was fit enough and could deal with any challenge, I was confident in my ability that I could do anything; the monkey bars, the wading through mud and the constant dunking in freezing cold water. The biggest challenge turned out to be the temperature. After you had run for a bit to warm up there was always an obstacle where you got dunked under and instantly felt cold immediately afterwards, put that with the north easterly wind, it was by far the biggest challenge.

Waking up on the Sunday, I definitely felt that I had a good workout and was aching in most areas. It’s always refreshing where you ache in different areas as it is the body telling you that I hadn’t worked that area for a while or that I hadn’t worked that area that hard for a while.

This week coming up, I will be completing my peak phase of my training plan which will be the hardest part of the whole 12 week plan! More coming soon…

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