12 Week Challenge exercise plan

Here is the latest update from one of our Personal Trainers, Nick Rose about his 12 Week Challenge exercise plan.

“Now we are over a month into the 12 Week Challenge I introducing some advanced training methods; supersets and circuits. These work by eliminating rest time meaning that your muscles work harder for longer, not to mention giving you a great pump! Superset exercises can increase the hypertrophy and endurance in a muscle if the two exercises put together work the same body part/muscle. Once you find that you are starting to plateau that is when you will usually change the training methods. It’s also a very good idea to add superset exercises in to your workout plan if you are pressed in for time and/or want to do more exercises in your workout.

Another addition to my workout is that I have brought in a separate arm session. I have found that my arms are lagging behind my other muscle groups in comparison to the progression I have shown over the past few weeks. This will hopefully bring my arms up to speed with my other muscle groups.

Here is Nick’s exercise plan in his 12 Week Challenge

Circuit (x3):
i) Leg Extension 20r
i) Squat 20r
i) Leg Press 20r

Super Sets (x3):
i) Back Lunges 10/12r
i) Lunge Jumps 10/12r

Single Sets (x3):
Leg Curl 20r
Leg Extension 20r
Half Range of Motion Squat 10/12r

Chest & Triceps
Super Sets (x3):
i) Bench Press 8/10r
i) Press Ups 8/10r
ii) Incline DB Press 8/10r
ii) Incline Flys 12/15r

Single Sets (x3):
Flat DB Press 8/10r
Wide Dips 10/12r
Cable Tricep Pushdown 10/12r
Cable Tricep Push 10/12r

Back & Biceps
Single Sets (x4):
Pull Ups 8r
Lat Pull Down 8r
Straight Arm Pull Downs 10/12r
Face Pulls 10/12r
Single Arm DB Rows 10/12r

Super Sets (x3):
i) Bent Over Row (Palms up) 8/10r
i) Bent Over Row (Palms down) 8/10r
ii) Bicep Curls 10/12r
ii) Hammer Curls 10/12r

Shoulders & Abs
Single Sets (x4):
Arnold Press 10/12r
Military Press 10/12r
Rear Delt Cable Extension 12/15r
Rear Delt Flys (DB) 12/15r

Super Sets (x3):
i) Lat Raise 12/15r
i) Front Raise 12/15r

Circuit (x3):
i) Crunches 30s
i) Reverse Crunches 30s
i) Leg Raise Hold 30s
ii) Side Plank (Left) 30s
ii) Side Plank (Right) 30s
ii) Plank 45-90s

Circuit (x3)
i) EZ Bar Curls 10-12r
i) Two Handed DB Extension 10/12r
i) Bicep Brace 10-20s
ii) Single Arm DB Extension 10/12r
ii) Hammer Curls 10/12r
ii) Single Arm DB Extension 10/12r

Super Sets (x3)
i) Tricep Push Down 10/12r
i) Tricep Push (Facing away from cable, overhead press forward) 10/12r
ii) Bicep Curl (Straight Bar, 2 hands) 10/12r
ii) Bicep Curl (Rope, Single Hand)

12 week challenge exercise plan

Create your own 12 Week Challenge exercise plan

A Personal Trainer is the best way to see results as they will set your 12 Week Challenge programme and keep you motivated throughout. Nick, Sammie and Lee are available for Personal Training or just advice – simply get in touch and they will help you. Find out more and contact our Personal Trainers.

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