Conditioning Yoga

Conditioning Yoga

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Conditioning Yoga classes at Exeter Golf and Country Club concentrate on alignment of postures, using breathing to maximise movement range and increase both strength and flexibility. The Asana positions are adjusted to the ability of the individual to encourage improvements over time to increase flexibility and reduce stress.

Conditioning Yoga is both rehabilitative and preventative, focusing on alleviating strains and lack of motion, through adapted yoga asanas. Conditioning yoga complements sports and fitness training in supporting the body when under pressure.

Conditioning Yoga Instructor

Howard is a British Wheel of Yoga diploma holder and has been teaching Hatha Yoga in Exeter for over ten years, with experience of working with students of all levels and abilities.

A serious back problem, 20 years ago, led Howard to yoga in the first place. He believes that he had not discovered the benefits of yoga, he would still suffer the same back pain as he did then.

Howard said, “I try to create an atmosphere where people can feel relaxed about their personal ability level. I find this puts people at ease to develop at their own pace. Conditioning yoga has helped many people, from all walks of life, over the years, improving total body mobility whether the issue is lack of flexibility through age or lifestyle – or from  the impact of sports, from golf to running to surfing!”

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