Exeter Golf & Country Club

Beginners Tennis

Here are some great ways for beginners to get into tennis at Exeter Golf and Country Club – with free coaching sessions and a new beginners four week course!

Try Tennis

A free 30 minute one-to-one tennis coaching session for beginners.
Available at selected dates until the end of the July.
This is a chance for complete beginners to pick up and racket and see whether tennis could be the sport for them under the expert guidance of an experienced Tennis Coach.

Book Try Tennis For Free


Get Into Tennis

A four week introductory programme, with a one-hour group coaching session on Thursday mornings. Perfect for beginners who want to learn to play tennis in a friendly, fun setting.

The first course will run between 9.30am and 10.30am from Thursday 6th June until 27th June.

£20 per person for 4 x 1hr sessions


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