Winter Skincare Tips

Amber Austin, Senior Spa Therapist at Wear Park Spa shares her top Winter Skincare Tips for January.

The January detox is upon us so as a kick start to my New Year – New Start skin regime, I am using the following three products and recommend them as my Winter Skincare Tips this month. These products when used regularly are great for preventing dry skin in the cold months, while ensuring your skin looks fresh and glowing for when the sun and warmth does return, plus, they also help to banish those toxins from the festive overload of December.

As always, my facial skin care routine consists of a twice-daily cleanse, tone and moisturise, with a ultra-nourishing cream to repair damage while I sleep. However easy it is to forget our body skin care while it is covered up with layers of winter clothes, let’s remember it will only be a few months until we reveal all on the beach and really, it is best not to rely on miracles happening over night. A few minutes each day in the winter means that by the spring you will be proud of the skin you unveil!

Skin Brushing

Every morning before your shower, grab your skin brush (the ESPA one is the best I have used – and lasts a lifetime) and uses brisk strokes from feet to hips, wrists to shoulders, waist down and décolleté up on dry skin. You will feel invigorated, I promise!

Benefits: Giving skin a daily brush will significantly improve skin tone, helping to banish cellulite and boost cell renewal for smoother, softer, more radiant skin. With natural bristles from Mexican cactus plants, the ESPA skin brush swiftly stimulates circulation and eliminates toxins. You will notice the difference to your skin tone very quickly! The ESPA brush at £18 is THE number one investment in your body skin care I can recommend – and it suitable for everyone.

Body Oil

Detoxifying body oil is the best choice for this time of year to help freshen up our skin to regain that glow! After a rigorous body brush and shower, I will then go on to use the ESPA Detoxifying Body Oil.  Simply massage into the skin after your morning shower with firm upward strokes towards the heart. As this oil is very stimulating,  it is important to drink plenty of water to cleanse any toxins from the body.

Benefits: This beautifully uplifting detox body oil is formulated to boost the circulatory system, help diminish cellulite and nourish the skin. Purifying Cypress and Juniper Berry renowned to stimulate the lymphatic system, help sweep away toxins. Grapefruit lifts the spirits, while Sweet Almond Oil deeply nourishes for beautifully soft, supple skin. The ESPA Detoxifying Body Oil is £32 but lasts for months as you need only use a small amount.


A bath is good for the soul as well as muscles – and on a cold winter’s morning or after a long walk in the country, there is nothing better than sinking into a hot bath and relaxing. For me, the ESPA Detoxifying Seaweed Bath is my January bath of choice. Used twice a week,  two capfulls added to your bath is ample to see and feel the results. Relax for 20 minutes and the highly stimulating tonic gets to work, stimulating the lymphatic system and ridding toxins from your skin. The seaweed bath is highly effective and so again best for the morning and as with the oil be sure to drink plenty of water.

Benefits: Rich in minerals and vitamins, this clarifying seaweed bath oil will help detoxify the body, especially if prone to cellulite or fluid retention. Potent Laminaria Digitata works to help stimulate the lymphatic system and sweep away toxins while Mandarin and Orange Oils work together to clear and replenish for softer, smoother, firmer skin.
Suitable for: Suitable for all skin types, especially those prone to cellulite or fluid retention.

Free Skin Analysis and Winter Skincare Tips in January

If you would like any advice on skin care for your face or body, please pop up to the spa to see myself or the spa team as we are always happy to help. Our ESPA Skin Vision Analysis identifies problem areas on the face regarding dryness or oil and we can provide suggestions for a routine that really will make a difference. If you would like a free Skin Vision Analysis please quote WEBSITE and we will book you a complimentary 15 minute appointment in January – simply complete the Contact Form below.

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Winter Skincare Tips


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