Valentines Dinner Exeter

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day in Exeter? We love a bit of romance here and how could we not when we’re lucky enough to have a beautifully romantic Georgian house as our home. So what are your Valentine’s Day plans? Chocolates, hearts and flowers…moonlight and music, and love and romance…? Let’s face the music and dance…here are a few suggestions to make Valentine’s extra special and show him or her just how much you love them, and find out more about why we celebrate St Valentine’s Day.

So who was St Valentine? Well way back in Roman times, soldiers who were forbidden to marry were saved from a lonely life alone by St Valentine of Rome. He was imprisoned for ministering to Christians who were persecuted by the Roman Empire. According to legend, Valentine healed the daughter of his jailer, Asterius and before his death wrote her a letter signed ‘Your Valentine’ as a farewell.  However it wasn’t until the time of Chaucer in the 1600’s that St Valentine’s Day was associated for romantic love. In the 18th century St Valentine’s Day became an occasion for lovers to express their love for each other with flowers, confectionery and much later, Valentine’s cards.

Yes, some people say they do not agree with celebrating such a modern and commercial occasion – but actually it’s an old tradition and what’s more romantic than celebrating the tradition of love?

So, whether you’re saying it with hearts and flowers or celebrating Valentine’s Day in Exeter with a delicious, intimate and cosy dinner for two, make sure you make it a good one…

Valentine's dinner Exeter

Valentine’s Dinner