Tabata Interval Training with Personal Trainer

Tabata Interval Training

Tabata interval training falls under the HIIT [High Intensity Interval Training] bracket and is probably one of the quickest but hardest sessions many athletes and trainers will use. It’s a great way to torch fat and increase anaerobic endurance all in a short space of time. The key to maximising results using this method is just like any other HIIT session, put in 100% effort on your time on and make use of your needed rest periods. One of the many benefits of tabata is that it can be done anywhere, all you need is 4 minutes, a space and a timer.
Tabata intervals consist of a 20 second high intensity burst, followed by 10 seconds of rest. This is performed for a total of 8 rounds, resulting in 4 minutes of intense activity. I usually give my clients 2 minute’s rest then perform the 8 round cycle again, depending on which exercises i’m incorporating.
Almost any exercise can be used for Tabata Interval Training, depending on your goal in mind. These are just a few examples of exercises you could use, push ups, squats, burpees, sit ups, pull ups, mountain climbers, rowing, sprints, bag work and many more.

Below are a few examples of Tabata Interval Training workouts I use myself – remember its 8 rounds.
1. Indoor Rower Tabata Circuit

20 Seconds on [Aiming for 100m]
10 seconds rest

2. Push Up [Bodyweight] Tabata Circuit

20 seconds push ups [Full range]
10 seconds rest

3. Squat [60% bodyweight on bar] Tabata Circuit

20 seconds squat [Full range]
10 seconds rest

4. Indoor Spin Bike Tabata Circuit

20 Seconds Maximum effort [High Resistance]
10 seconds rest

There are many different variations of sessions you can put together using Tabata, it all depends on your goal in mind. Weighted exercises can also be used to approach the workout from a different angle or simply make it harder!

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Tabata Interval Training

Tabata Interval Training