Play Tennis like Andy Murray!

Ever wanted to play tennis like Wimbledon champ Andy Murray? Now’s the time to learn! Hot on the success of Murray’s Grand Slam Wimbledon triumph, Exeter Golf and Country Club would like to offer you the opportunity to become Britain’s next tennis star! Of course results may vary.

Tim and James, our resident LTA registered coaches, offer lessons for players at every level including junior and adult level coaching.   Whether you are looking for one-on-one  sessions or group lessons Tim and James can help you succeed no matter your skill or age level.  They offer sessions for many standard levels, including competitive and social players.

We’re here to help you succeed on the court.  Our Tennis coaching is available to tennis members for a reasonable fee.

Contact us today to join our lively and exciting tennis section, or to book your first coaching session, 01392 874139.

After all it’s only three short years to the 2016 Olympics!