Party-proof your skin with new ESPA super skincare

After a ‘certain age’, boozy late nights can make skin feel as shrivelled as the grapes left on the vine after the best were picked for wine. Dehydration is the number one cause of ageing and can have a pretty immediate impact on the skin. Being prepared for all the Christmas parties on the horizon is definitely the way forward.

We all know the route to plumper, youthful looking skin is drinking plenty of water. Hydrate from the inside, out. We also know, you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Therefore, we long for miracle skin products to tackle this from the outside, in. So, is it even possible to find this Holy Grail of beauty?

Can you party-proof your skin with new ESPA super skincare?

We cannot promise miracles. However, we can promise that you’ll be hard-pushed to find products that improve the hydration and look of your skin as quickly as the two skincare gems just launched by the experts at ESPA.

ESPA Instant Facial

The Tri-Active Advanced Instant Facial Age-Defying Concentrate has just been launched this month. It certainly packs a punch for something as light as air and soft as silk. It’s a super-charged ProSerum that delivers instant visible results. It’s not just about a pretty face though, this advanced Instant Facial works hard in the background tackling the ageing process longer term too.

What makes it so special? It’s a 3-in-1 skincare product, combining face serum, treatment oil and a brightening essence in one concentrate. Time-saving as well as effective. It is full to the pipette of ground-breaking natural ingredients. Award-winning Macroalgae Cell Extract smooths; antioxidant Winged Kelp Extract firms; Coconut, Jojoba and Avocado Oil nourishes; Vitamin C brightens; Hyaluronic Acid plumps; and finally, used for the first time in the UK, White Truffle Extract boosts elasticity and long-term moisture levels. All in one simple bottle.

You can see why it’s called ESPA Instant Facial. We love it.

ESPA Overnight Hydration Therapy

Next…the closest thing to an overnight miracle you can get. ESPA Overnight Hydration Therapy.

Wouldn’t it be great to transform your skin while you sleep? Lots of products promise to make the most of the precious night-time hours when your skin is repairing, regenerating and at its most receptive. However, lots of products make a half-hearted attempt at this. This new ESPA skincare product actually delivers it.

Welcome to skincare heaven…the ESPA Overnight Hydration Therapy. Forget your simple night cream – this is a nourishing treatment mask that you leave on overnight. It feels decadent and luxurious as you apply it to your face. The aromatic Encapsulated Lavender, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang and Lavandin Essential Oils calm your mind and sooth you to sleep. While you rest, this deceptively relaxing blend of essential oils, natural ingredients and plant actives get to work. Chicory Root Extract is an award-winning plant active that stimulates Vitamin D-like benefits rebuilding and reinforcing the skin’s natural barrier. Seaweed Extract and Natural Sugar Complex targets and directs moisture to the areas of the skin that need it most. Konjac Root and Hyaluronic Acid Filling Spheres smooth fine lines while Yeast Bioferment revitalises the complexion.

This is the most deeply hydrating and nourishing treatment we have experienced as spa therapists and users. The results are immediate. You wake up with plumped, fresh and replenished radiant skin. This intense overnight skin therapy tops our list of recommended products. Suitable for all skin types and ages, you will be surprised at how noticeable the results are and you will feel the difference throughout the day.

Find the right skincare for you

Our Spa Therapists are on-hand to find the right ESPA skincare for you and offer a SkinVision Analysis before every facial. To promote these new products, Wear Park Spa is offering 20 people a complimentary 15 minute SkinVision Analysis during September. To register for this offer email or telephone 01392 874139 – quoting SkinVisionFB when you book.

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