Member survey results

Exeter Golf and Country Club is different to many other clubs because our members are truly at the heart of all we do. Our members are our shareholders and the club runs in a similar style to not for profit organisations in that all revenue is reinvested into the club. So that we can improve in ways favoured by the members, member surveys will be conducted twice a year with the member survey results published and subsequent actions explained.

Here are the results of our member survey completed in August 2015.

Who completed the survey

12% of our adult members completed the survey.

54% had been members for years, 35% for decades and the rest for less than one year.

49% were individuals, 31% couples and 20% families

General feedback

Overall rating for the club was 3.55 out of 5

Service, facilities and atmosphere rating was 3.27 out of 5

Food feedback

How often do you eat at the club? 42% monthly, 26% never, 16% once a week, 16% more than once a week

68% of members use the Sports Bar, 43% use The Hub, 62% use Wear Park Restaurant, 45% attend events at the club

Of those who use these areas:

Sports Bar 26% rate it 4/5, The Hub 15% rate it 4/5, Wear Park 22% rate it 4/5, Events 14% rate it 4/5

56% said they were more likely to eat in The Hub following the refurbishment – DONE!

87% said they wanted to see healthier options, smoothies and nutritional information on the menus – DONE!


Indoor pool – 81% use it, 3.67/5.00 rating

Outdoor pool – 72% use it, 4.00/5.00 rating

Golf course – 21% use it, 4.33/5.00 rating / 23% would add on golf – reasons they didn’t: 42% cost, 33% cost of coaching, 25% lack of handicap

Tennis courts – 10% use them, 3.47/5.00 rating / 23% would add on rackets – reasons they didn’t: 60% cost

Squash courts – 6% use them, 3.94/5.00 rating

Gym – 20% use it, 3.76/5.00 rating / 85% would add on gym – reasons they didn’t: 84% cost, 11% not enough classes

40% of gym users want a combination of radio and music playlists

55% want more supervised gym sessions for teenagers

Classes – 21% use them, 3.37/5.00 rating


Reception – 95% use it, 85% rate the Reception team good/excellent

Pools – 84% use them, 77% rate the Pools team good/excellent

Changing rooms – 92% use them, 73% rate the Cleaners good/excellent

Gym – 20% use it, 85% rate the Gym team good/excellent

Classes – 17% use them, 89% rate the Class Instructors good/excellent

Sports Bar and The Hub – 80% use them, 66% rate the Members Bar team good/excellent

Junior Activities – 5% use them, 86% rate the Juniors team good/excellent

Events – 22% use them, 75% rate the Events team good/excellent

Spa – 21% use it, 80% rate the Spa team good/excellent

Office – 20% use them, 81% rate the Office team good/excellent

Wear Park Spa

89% of spa users rate the facility and service good/excellent


75% said we could improve the club:

  • 24% want to try more facilities – this will be available throughout December for the gym and rackets, if you are interested in golf please ask
  • 13% want more fitness classes – a new yoga class starts in October, more to follow
  • 12% want a larger reception – a refurbishment is being considered for the new year
  • 5% want more junior activities – toddler yoga is starting in October, gardening club and new dance clubs, looking into improving toys and play equipment