Meet the Spa Therapist – Jasmin

Name: Jasmin

I’ve been working at Wear Park Spa since the spring 2016.

Favourite treatment

I really enjoy every treatment that we offer however a gel manicure/pedicure is one of my favourites. We have so many beautiful colours to choose from so I find them really fun to do. I also love how much shinier they are than normal nail polish and how much longer they last!

Favourite product

Pink Hair and Scalp Mud is one of my favourite products from ESPA.  I regularly use it and have seen a massive improvement in the condition and appearance of my hair. The red clay stimulates circulation to help encourage the growth and strengthening of the hair. This product benefits everyone as we all damage our hair with heat, products or chemicals. It can also be used on the skin as a deeply nourishing treatment, and helps eczema. You can currently get a full size Pink Hair and Scalp Mud for free when you spend over £80 on treatments – it’s limited availability though. (Want to book? Click here.)

Top tips

It is extremely important to cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day (morning and evening) to remove dirt and grime from the skin. This will help to improve all skin types and conditions. Having an ESPA facial and discussing the best products for your skin will have huge benefits on your skin.

Winter essentials

The ESPA Overnight Hydration Therapy Mask is absolutely the best product you can use on your skin in the winter. It is great for all skin types and the boost of hydration your skin receives is clear to see when you wake up! The benefits of this overnight mask are visible. It is also so easy to use as you can pop it on before bed and the soothing oil in it will help you drift off to sleep, then simply get up in the morning and wash it off in the shower! Another winter essential I would recommend is the ESPA Restorative Bath Oil. There is nothing better than a nice warm bath after a long cold day and adding our bath oil will help to relieve any stress, anxiety or aches and pains you have and will leave you feeling nice and relaxed.

Summer essentials

ESPA Optimal Skin Pro Defence is my summer essential. Suitable for all ages and skin types, as it is responsive, it also has SPF 15 in it to protect against the UV rays. Wearing this will prevent the sun from damaging and dehydrating your skin reducing the signs of ageing.

What do you love about Wear Park Spa

Everything! There is a reason it was chosen as the best spa/beauty venue in Exeter in the Exeter Living Awards. Everyone who works at the spa and the club are so helpful and friendly. All the spa therapists are knowledgeable and the ESPA and CND products are the best I’ve ever used. I also love how busy the spa always is!

Best moment in your career

Joining the team at Wear Park Spa would be the best moment in my career as I enjoy every moment of I am at work. You cannot get better than that.

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