Junior Squash

Junior squash may not be the first activity you consider when introducing your children to sport, however, it is one that should not be overlooked by parents.

Squash has many benefits for adults and children alike. Squash works all the major muscle groups simultaneously, therefore, builds strength and agility throughout the whole body in a condensed workout. Lots of running around mean it’s great for maintaining cardiovascular health and burns off plenty of extra calories which can help to fend off fat storage. The younger your child can get fit, the easier it will be to maintain a healthy lifestyle as they grow up.

Squash requires great hand-eye coordination, tactical thinking, precision, focus and quick reflexes, all of which can help children in various other areas of their lives.

As well as many health benefits, squash also has many sociable attributes. Matches can often be played quite quickly, meaning children may be introduced to a number of new playing partners. Junior squash coaching includes lots of group participation and team building skills. Junior squash competitions are played all around the country, meaning your child could have the opportunity to play against members of other Clubs and travel to new locations.

This is also an ideal sport for kids as they can practice on their own, in any weather and with minimal equipment.

We are happy to have a new squash coach, Peter, on board at Exeter Golf and Country Club and will be starting up our new Mini Squash courses from Saturday 28th February. Because we want to your child to  experience first hand how great squash is, we are giving you the first lesson for free!


Junior Squash 2015 Poster