Environment and Community

Exeter is a fast growing city with an exciting mix of contemporary shops, entertainment and culture balanced with a 2000 year history. As the city and surrounding areas merge to sustain a developing population, Exeter Golf and Country Club is proud to maintain a 120 acre estate just minutes from the city centre.

We are incredibly protective of our land which is nurtured by our team of groundsmen, who are dedicated to maintaining a first class golf course while promoting natural wildlife and habitats throughout.

Exeter Golf and Country Club is set within a 120 acre estate with over two hundred mature trees along with over a thousand fledgling trees planted over the past few years. The Club has a tree planting scheme along with a wildlife protection plan which is being developed further in 2011.

The mature trees at Exeter Golf and Country Club are home to a vast number of birds and wildlife. The trees include oaks, limes, silver birch, ash, London planes, horse chestnuts, sweet chestnuts, poplars, rowans and whitebeam, many spanning decades in age.

There are also over 1km of native hedges, including hawthorn, blackthorn, holly, hazel, beech and yew, all of which have characteristics to attract indigenous wildlife and birds, from stag beetles to stoats, and woodpeckers to kestrels.

We work with the local community in stimulating positive growth in the economy with investments in training and developing the team, providing various work experience opportunities and partnering with schools on sport and healthy lifestyle projects.

The various sport, fitness and bridge sections within the club support charities selected each year by the Club President, committees and captains.