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We are delighted to announce that we are due a delivery of brand new Keiser M3i Spin Bikes in the New Year!   The Keiser M3i is the first indoor fitness cycle to feature Bluetooth wireless capability.  This enables the rider to download their ride data from the cycle’s computer to a smart phone or tablet utilizing an accompanying app.  The new bikes will revolutionise our Spin classes – come and see for yourself!


New Insanity Classes

The most heart-pumping, muscle-shredding, sweat-dripping, high-intensity workout is at Exeter Golf and Country Club now!
Using high-intensity max interval training, Insanity crams in a packed routine of exercise to keep you working at your maximum ability continuously throughout the class.

Based on the top selling Insanity® DVD series designed by Olympic 400-meter hurdler Shaun Thompson, Insanity Live is one of the UK’s fastest growing exercise trends due to it’s promise of maximum results in a short time.

Expect maximum squats, sprints, jumps, burpees and presses with this total body workout that boosts aerobic performance as well as promoting muscle strength and fat loss.
Our highly trained Insanity instructor and Gym Manager, Lee Cooke will keep you moving and make sure you get the most out of your Insanity class!


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Fitness classes Exeter

Studio fitness classes are FREE* to gym members, and there is a small charge for all other club members.

Of all the gyms in Exeter, we boast the best fitness classes and studio (in our humble opinion!). With a high ceiling, tall Georgian windows and views of the trees and water feature, along with great acoustics for the perfect soundtrack to get you moving or relaxing, our studio is bright, light and inspirational.

We offer a wide range of fitness classes from aerobic to holistic – to tone, improve fitness and to build that core strength which is so important for every area of life. Our fitness instructors are motivational, friendly and really care about helping you achieve your goals.

Fitness Classes

Legs, Bums and Tums, Circuits, Body Pump, Studio Spin, Insanity,  Bootcamp, Aerobics, Slim and Sculpt, Bootcamp, Cardio Tennis, Aqua Aerobics, Pilates, Yoga, Yoga Conditioning, Kettlebells.

If fitness classes are new to you, there’s no need to worry as we welcome everyone from starters to the super fit. Here is all you need to know about each of the classes we offer at Exeter Golf and Country Club.

Choreographed low impact, cardiovascular workout that will burn 100’s of calories!


Make a splash! Low impact cardiovascular and conditioning workout in water, gentle on the joints while toning your muscles.


An introduction to Studio Spinning – we’ll go easy on you, we promise! It’s all about getting used to the bike.


60 minute workout challenging all major muscles to shape, tone, improve fitness and burn up to 560 calories per class. Sweat it out!


Get out in the fresh air with this tennis based exercise to up tempo music. You’ll improve your fitness, stamina, strength and play.


Want to get fit in minimum time? This is the class for you…high impact cardiovascular class to build fitness, lose weight and improve core strength.


With practice of Hatha Yoga you may improve your posture and flexibility, lengthen and tone muscles and build strength and stamina through awareness of your body. Enjoy better balance and encourage a release from modern day stress and tension by practising mindfulness and meditation techniques. No special equipment or experience necessary.


Kettlebell training is different than other forms of weight training because many parts of the body are exercised simultaneously. It is primarily used to increase strength but it is great for improving functional movements as well as elevating the heart rate for effective cardiovascular training.


A conditioning class for those traditionally problematic areas. We’ll help you improve your shape and make the most of your curves!


A unique class to develop core stability and improve body alignment through focussed strength work, stretch and relaxation.


A total body conditioning and toning class for all the body. A great all-rounder.


Cycling based aerobic workout for all fitness levels – start with the Beginners Spin and we’ll soon whip you into shape for the real deal!


Classes for mums

We also offer a crèche each weekday morning to correspond with the popular classes for mums!

Fitness classes included in gym membership

If you think fitness classes are for you, it’s worth bearing in mind that if you pay to attend more than two classes a week, you can join the gym for less per month and get your classes free*! Plus you can to use the state-of-the-art gym equipment to give you an extra boost to get fit and get in shape. Find out more. 


*except yoga and Pilates