Perfect eyebrows

How can you achieve perfect eyebrows? Ever wondered about what’s involved and what your eyebrows may look like after the new precision eyebrow treatments?

Well to answer the second part of that questions, eyebrow treatments such as MyBrows, offer longer-lasting colour and shape to give your eyebrows the definition you need to frame your eyes, while being perfect for your hair colour and skin tone.

So, what is involved in achieving the perfect eyebrows?

The MyBrows treatment takes 30 minutes and starts with an analysis of your current eyebrow. Your spa therapist will measure the ‘perfect’ brow size and shape for your face and consult with you about what you would like to achieve. Often over a course of treatments, eyebrows can be re-shaped and encouraged to grow thicker.

After lightly drawing out the eyebrow shape, your therapist will then tint your eyebrows to your chosen shade to match your skin and hair. Once the tint, which takes a couple of minutes, has done it’s job, it is removed and the shaping begins.

Eyebrow shaping involves a combination of threading above the brow and waxing between and under the brows. This precision shaping ensures that your eyebrows really stand out and look more prominent than they do after the usual eyebrow tidy technique.

Does it hurt? There can be mild discomfort during the hair removal but it is usual fairly swift and bearable.

How long does it last? Obviously individuals want different results from their eyebrow treatment, but the standard time is around 4 weeks.

Please note! You will need to have a patch test carried out at the spa 24 hours before your eyebrow treatment, so please allow for that as the treatment cannot be carried out without this test.

Here are some stage by stage photos of the MyBrows eyebrow treatment at Wear Park Spa.

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