New Course commencing!

For strength & flexibility
Good posture & balance
Healthy backs
Stronger abdominal muscles
Low impact exercise for every body

Pilates has something for every body, it teaches you to focus the mind as you exercise the body, gradually improving your coordination, body awareness, flexibility, and overall alignment. Pilates systematically exercises all the muscle groups in your body, challenging the weak areas as well as the strong. The Pilates technique particularly focuses on strengthening the muscles around the centre of your body; these include your abdominal muscles, the muscles in your lower, middle and upper back, and the muscles that are responsible for your posture.

For more information please contact
Tessa Whittingslow
01392 832434 or t.whittingslow@sky.com

Classes begin Monday 10th January
Mondays: 6:30pm – Improvers / 7:45pm Pilates for Men
Wednesdays: 9:15am – All Levels / 7:00pm All Levels and Beginners

Single Classes: £5 members / £6 non members
Course of 12: £50 members / £60 non members

Please book at reception 01392 874139