12 Week Plan with Personal Trainer

Here is the latest update – 12 week plan with personal trainer, Nick Rose.

If we look back to last week, I had played around with my nutrition and was about to start the exercises and this week, I have done so!

So this week I have started the exercises and I have to admit, I’m feeling great! I can already start to feel some weight come off of the waist already!

This past week I have done 4 resistance workouts as well as my regular spinning classes. The resistance workouts will be exactly the same for this coming week as well. It will change slightly in the third week for another two weeks up until we start the specification stage.

I did not want to do too many workouts and burn myself out and not be able to complete them properly due to DOMS so I had appropriate rest days to recuperate. I split these workouts into: Chest & Triceps, Back & Biceps, Shoulders & Core and Legs.

The exercises were completed in single sets, sets of 4 of 10 reps for the big compound exercises and 3 sets of 12 for the isolation exercises.

To really try and sculpt the physique, you want to put in as many compound exercises as you can. A compound exercise is an exercise that works more than one muscle group over more than one joint. Compound exercises use the most strength and should be completed first in the workouts as they are the most important with isolation exercises that come afterwards. If you think of the compound exercises as the building blocks and the isolation exercises target specific muscle groups then it is easier to understand.

Underneath is a routine that I have been following for the past week and will follow again for this next week:

Chest and Triceps Routine:
Bench Press 4×10
Incline DB Press 4×10
Cable Flys 3×12
Decline Cable Flys 3×12
Dips 4×10
Cable Overhead Press 3×12
Cable Push Down 3×12

Back and Bicep Routine:
Assisted Pull Ups 4×10
Lat Pull Down 4×10
Bent Over Row 4×10
Upright Row 4×10
Bicep Curl 3×12
Hammer Curl 3×12
EZ Bicep Curl 3×12

Shoulders and Core Routine:
DB Shoulder Press 4×10
Shoulder Press (Resistance Machine) 4×10
Lat Raises 3×12
Front Raises 3×12
Plank 3x45s
Reverse Crunches 3×20
Ab Crunches 3×20
Russian Twists 3×20

Leg Routine:
Squats 4×10
Leg Press 4×10
Back Lunges 4×10
Leg Extension 3×12
Leg Curl 3×12
Calf Raises 3×12

Stay tuned for next week I will have another update! Remember, if you have any questions, come into the gym and don’t hesitate to ask!