12 Week Challenge update

In his latest 12 Week Challenge update, our Personal Trainer, Nick Rose talks about ‘Listening to the Body’

There’s an important point that I’ve been wanting to get off of my chest for the last week in particular and this is the perfect way to get it out.

When training, you MUST listen to your body!

This past week I had been feeling good and training properly, feeling buoyant and happy at the prospect of getting back to the gym and training a bit harder than I have done over the last few weeks. It was all going so well, until Thursday. On Thursday I drove in to work like normal but as soon as I got out of the car, I felt something not right; my back was aching and painful.

After starting my shift, it got worse and the only relief I could have for my back was to sit down and try to get some heat to it. Fortunately, one of the members offered to give me a massage and a quick diagnosis of what the problem was (Thanks Paulo!) From about 10-15 minutes of moving my legs around and the prodding of fingers in my back it became apparent what the problem was. It was just a small muscular niggle on the left side of my lower back; nothing serious but the advice I was given was that I was to take it easy for the rest of the week and not engage in much physical activity.

This was devastating as I was feeling so up for it, and I was only half way through my workouts for the week. Although, I feel bad for not completing my workouts due to an injury, I feel much better that I didn’t make it worse.

With small little niggles and injuries, it is very important that you do not carry on like there’s nothing there. If I were to carry on training with my injury, it would be very important that it would only get worse. If it is only something small, the likelihood is that if you rest for a few days then you will be okay and can carry on afterwards. If you do continue to work out with injuries then instead of your time out being injured being a short few days then it could go up to weeks or even months, depending on what the injury is. If the injury persists, always go and see a doctor.

Recently, I have seen too many people not listen to the advice of rest and thus injure themselves even more. To me, there is nothing worse than the diminishing prospect of potential due to being ignorant about listening to your body and injuries.

Next week, my 4 week Specific Phase will be featured!

12 week challenge

Nick after a training run for Rock Solid Race in aid of Motor Neurone Disease Association